Truck with recovered paper

AFRY Smart bioindustry insight webinar: recovered paper demand in China



AFRY Smart is a leading business intelligence platform for Bioindustry decision makers – advanced data analytics resulting in relevant insights with fast and easy online access. Our AFRY Smart webinars discuss current developments in Bioindustry and provide an opportunity to get familiar with the  AFRY Smart online analysis tools.

In this AFRY Smart webinar series, Kalle Turkkila, Minna Luukka and David Powlson of AFRY Management Consulting will discuss the evolving demand for recovered paper in China as well as the digital AFRY Smart platform and its potential to support leaders in Bioindustry.

•    The evolving demand for recovered paper in China
•    How AFRY Smart digital platform adds value to global decision making in Bioindustry
•    Preview of AFRY Smart business intelligence platform

Truck with recovered paper

Webinar hosts and contacts

Kalle Turkkila

Director, Industry Management Consulting

Minna Luukka

Senior Consultant, Industry Management Consulting Helsinki

David Powlson

Director, AFRY Management Consulting