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Harnessing the double performance gap for a sustainable future

In a world relentlessly pushing towards sustainability and efficiency, how do high-performance companies rise above their rivals?

The answer lies in the space that few dare to tread – the double performance gap.

Welcome to the frontier where the difference between potential and achievement is more than a measurement – it's an opportunity ripe for the taking. Forward-thinking companies today aren't just edging ahead in profits; they're trailblazing a path towards a greener tomorrow. What are these companies actually doing to achieve their unprecedented success?

The anatomy of operational excellence

We have entered an age where the quest for performance improvements has become synonymous with environmental stewardship.

Closing the performance gap is not just about increasing profits; it's about securing a future we can be proud of

, remarks Stefan Kucher, Director, AFRY Management Consulting.

Echoing this sentiment, enterprises focused on Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions are no longer side-stepping their ecological footprint. A holistic view of assets and systems reveals not only operational improvements but also leads to impressive energy conservation.

A new era of corporate responsibility

As Tiina Kähö, Senior Principal and Co-head of Sustainability Consulting, declares:

Sustainability is no longer a choice for businesses but a strategic imperative for long-term success.

In this pursuit of excellence, it's clear that operational efficiency isn't merely about cutting costs, but it represents a symbiotic relationship with our planet's well-being through, e.g. positive impacts on resource efficiency, energy savings and, ultimately, carbon footprint.

Championing the cause, companies are swiftly closing the execution gap – that elusive delta between what assets could deliver and what they currently achieve – and reaping the benefits on multiple fronts. This is where reducing costs, increasing profits and promoting resource efficiency come together to spark a reduction in CO2 emissions.

Navigating the energy dilemma

Daily fluctuations in production and the unthinkable abandonment of full-load operations signal an unprecedented need for a multi-angle approach. The spotlight is now on optimising energy generation and distribution in other words, exposing the need to understand the complexities of balancing trade-offs.

In such a landscape, deep analysis and optimisation of energy consumption don't just tip the scales of cost efficiency they reshape the strategies that define a company's progressive march towards decarbonisation.

Envisioning economic and environmental stability

Imagine a future where gigawatt-scale reductions in consumption mean drastically diminished capital investments and a stalwart sustainability strategy. This is no mere daydream but the legacy of companies that have embraced integrated plant scenarios with zeal.

With AFRY Management Consulting at the helm, our clients aren't simply chipping away at singular problems. They're seizing the twin victories of monumental energy savings and accompanying CO2 reductions, often translating into savings in the double-digit millions with a thorough and holistic approach only few but AFRY can perform.

The call to action

The narrative is straightforward innovation, intelligence and a heartfelt pledge to the environment stand at the core of tomorrow's leading companies. However, the roadmap doesn't end here. For the conscientious organisation, the question remains:

Are you ready to step into the future, where closing the double performance gap becomes the gateway to profitability and sustainability, or will you watch from the sidelines as the world moves on without you?

Embracing sustainability in business operations promises flourishing success for those who dare to align operational might with environmental foresight. Therefore, we urge companies around the globe to join the vanguard of sustainability, as the future is ours to shape.


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Stefan Kucher - Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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Director, AFRY Management Consulting

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Tiina Kähö - Johtaja, yritysvastuu, ESG ja raportointi

Tiina Kähö

Senior Principal and Co-head of Sustainability Consulting, AFRY Management Consulting

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