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Hidden in Grains cracks the code on how to unlock vital minerals

AFRY helps transform plant-based diets

In the ongoing discussion about the environmental impact of dietary choices, the spotlight often falls on vegetarianism as a climate-friendly option. However, a vegetarian diet is not without its challenges, where a notable concern is the increased risk of iron and other mineral deficiencies. The low absorption of minerals from plant foods is attributed to the inhibitory molecule phytic acid, which occurs naturally in plants.

Hidden in Grains, a pioneering Swedish-based company, has embarked on the mission to revolutionise nutrition, addressing the challenges posed by phytic acid. Through a distinctive process applied to wheat, barley and rye, Hidden in Grains reduces the content of phytic acid, unlocking the minerals in grains, allowing the absorption of these important minerals by our bodies. This innovation aims to ensure that a diet aligned with climate consciousness doesn’t compromise on the crucial nutrients necessary for our well-being.

This innovative approach may seem avant-garde, but it is actually a revival of old practices. Techniques like germination, soaking, fermentation, malting and more, are nothing new as our ancestors used them. Now, Hidden in Grains is on the leading edge of revitalizing grain nutrition.

Scaling up with AFRY's expertise

Until now, Hidden in Grains has operated on a smaller scale. Currently, they are undergoing a full-scale testing to facilitate a larger-scale production. AFRY, a key collaborator, is providing valuable support in navigating the complexities of building a facility, addressing both scaling challenges and planning the production process.

A dedicated AFRY team, specialised in Future Food, is leveraging its expertise to support initiatives like Hidden in Grains. Scaling up is a common challenge for many similar companies, and AFRY is a vital partner who offers both necessary knowledge and experience.

AFRY in collaboration with Hidden in grains

To go from pilot scale to production scale presents many challenges that can be difficult to predict and solve. With the technical expertise and experience of AFRY we can be confident to find the best solution to the different steps in a scale up,

says David Fredlund, CEO at Hidden in Grains.

Nutrition for tomorrow: AFRY's innovative solutions

“Nutrition and health are important aspects of sustainability, essential knowledge areas for the development of our food system. Hidden in Grains’ innovation is a great example when these aspects are combined with climate as well as environmental sustainability. It is very inspiring working with this kind of ideas and companies and I am lucky to be part of building our future food system,” says Inger-Cecilia Labba, PhD Food and Nutrition Science, Future Food at AFRY.

The transition to a climate-smart diet, rich in absorbable nutrients, demands innovation, new processes and advanced technologies. AFRY is at the forefront of the advancement, combining research and industry implementation, acting as a bridge between academia and industry. This synergy creates substantial value and an important knowledge base, accelerating the shift towards a more sustainable diet that serves both the planet and individuals.

Future Food

Future Food at AFRY

With great experience and competence in all parts of the food industry processes, we assist start-ups as well as established clients to support those innovative ideas and help them expand their production capacity in large, safe, and environmentally friendly plants.

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