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Expanding professional and personal horizons

At AFRY Management Consulting, consultants can apply for internal office transfers in any of our locations. Office transfers range from 3 months upwards at the location.

How does it feel like to work in new surroundings? We caught up with our transferees, who described their experiences of working at another office and living abroad in detail.

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Global Citizen story Munich to Beijing

Michael Riffel, Senior Consultant in the Wood Products Team from Munich, Germany, transferred to AFRY Management Consulting's Beijing office. The experience allowed him to gain valuable insights into the local market, make meaningful connections with delightful colleagues, and broaden his expertise.

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Global Citizen story Stockholm to London

Martin Lantz, a Senior Consultant from the energy team in Stockholm, Sweden, applied for AFRY Management Consulting's global citizen programme to try his wings in London, UK. His time in the programme has made Martin increasingly consider international opportunities at AFRY and grow on both a professional and personal level while building his international network within AFRY Management Consulting.

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Global Citizen story Vantaa to Munich

Inkeri Nuutinen applied for AFRY Management Consulting's Global Citizen programme and moved from Vantaa, Finland to Munich, Germany. She found the experience enriching, gaining fresh perspectives and enhancing her problem-solving skills while building strong connections with both familiar faces and new acquaintances at the Munich office.

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Global Citizen story Vantaa to London

Antti Luoma applied for AFRY Management Consulting's Global Citizen programme and moved from Vantaa, Finland to Munich, Germany. His time abroad allowed him to build stronger relationships with his London-based colleagues and clients, work more efficiently in cross-cultural environments as well as broaden his expertise in the international market.

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Global Citizen story Berlin to Stockholm

As part of AFRY Management Consulting's Global Citizen programme, Lars Preuschoff relocated from Berlin, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden. This programme allowed him to broaden his expertise, network with great colleagues, and enrich his everyday work.

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Global Citizen story Munich to Vantaa

Johannes Rahm relocated from Munich, Germany, to Vantaa, Finland as part of the Global Citizen programme at AFRY Management Consulting. He gained valuable insights into different approaches to daily work and had the opportunity to meet fascinating individuals, resulting in exciting synergies for project collaboration. Overall, the AFRY exchange proved to be a significant source of motivation for him.

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Global Citizen story Vantaa to New York

Silja Papinaho, a consultant in the Packaging and Tissue team from Vantaa, Finland, relocated to New York, United States, as part of AFRY Management Consulting's Global Citizen programme. She highlights the opportunities to gain global perspectives, experience a different work culture, and develop both personally and professionally.

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Ready for an in-depth dive?

Silja Papinaho and Michael Riffel co-wrote an article about working at AFRY Management Consulting offices on opposite ends of the globe for AFRY Insights magazine.

To learn more about their time in the programme and how AFRY's culture and values are represented worldwide, we encourage you to find out more by browsing the magazine.