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MCD People Jenni Patronen smiling

Jenni Patronen


"The variety of topics makes my job interesting, as well as the possibility to continuously learn new things. One inspiring aspect in my work is the possibility to be part of energy policy development through the projects we do for the ministries and other key players in the market."

Simon Guilherme

Guilherme Simon


"I love my job! First, I’m always learning new things. Second, we work on impactful projects with clients that are industry leaders, which is very rewarding. Lastly, the work environment is great, being supportive and open to a diversity of ideas and backgrounds."

Joel Sarasti

Joel Sarasti​


"I feel our work is contributing towards Making Future every day through our client assignments, whether it is helping our clients define their pathway and related investments towards a more sustainable business or developing long-term business plans for companies​."

Bjorn Thelin

Björn Thelin


"So much of what we do requires us to work together in teams towards a common goal, helping and supporting each other. This has become even more important since the pandemic, when work had to be done completely remotely, and I believe cooperation with colleagues and clients is an absolute requirement in order to be successful with us."

Izabela Domanska

​Izabela Domanska

Office Assistant and PA

"I enjoy working at AFRY Management Consulting, with the role providing an opportunity to collaborate not only with an Italian team but also with a diverse range of colleagues from many countries and cultures."

Santtu Koskinen

Santtu Koskinen


"Being a management consultant, I especially enjoy the variety of the work. No project is the same, and every day tends to have some interesting twist. This gives an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in new ways while learning plenty of new ones."

Sivashankari Bharathi, a New York based consultant of AFRY Management Consulting

Sivashankari Bharathi


"I really enjoy being able to work on various different markets across the pulp, paper, and packaging sectors. As the North American team does not specialize per person, it really allows us to learn new information across the different markets."

Jan-Jakob Bergmann, a Düsseldorf-based Manager at AFRY Management Consulting.

Jan-Jakob Bergmann


"I believe that at AFRY, we are able to help shape the future of energy. Through our work in the energy and sustainability sectors, we play an important role in solving what is probably one of the biggest challenges to mankind and certainly our biggest challenge in this century. If this is not motivating, what is?"

Amanda Speak

Amanda Spaak


"I would argue that all my work at AFRY Management Consulting allows me to contribute towards Making future, as the core to what we do is to support actors to address challenges and opportunities related to the transformation of the energy sector".

Stuart Murray

Stuart Murray

Senior Principal

"I’ve had my family since joining AFRY and currently work a 9 day fortnight to spend a day every two weeks with my nursery age daughter. I cherish that once in a lifetime opportunity to spend quality time with her".

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Careers at AFRY Management Consulting

At AFRY Management Consulting, we are proud to have a working culture that is respectful, collaborative, supportive and responsible. We are driven by the idea of helping our clients find solutions to business-critical questions and helping them achieve the highest quality outcome.

The AFRY Management Consulting team works in a global environment, maintaining a clear focus on the needs of our local clients. At AFRY, we are committed to being a modern employer and both our consulting work and our people culture is strongly driven by our values -Brave, Devoted and Team Player- as well as our long-term sustainability goals.