Image of the Ortviken SCA project

AFRY awarded engineering assignment for SCA’s new pulp production line project in Sweden

SCA has awarded AFRY a piping engineering assignment for the Chemical Thermomechanical Pulp (CTMP) production project in Ortviken, Sweden. The assignment includes piping design of the CTMP processes, dewatering, drying and baling. The value of SCA’s investment is SEK 1.45 billion and production is expected to start at the beginning of 2023.


The demand for CTMP by customers from packaging boards and hygiene product segments has increased during recent years. SCA has decided to invest in a new production plant for CTMP by rebuilding the existing Ortviken mill TMP plant and using the existing infrastructure. It includes a rebuilding of the TMP plant as well as the processes regarding chemical treatment, dewatering, drying and baling.

AFRY has now been assigned to complete the piping design of the CTMP processes, dewatering, drying and baling. The plant is expected to be ready for operation in early 2023 with an annual production of 300,000 tonnes of CTMP.

“We are both happy and proud of SCA’s trust in us and to be a part of this strategically important investment. We look forward to the collaboration and the opportunity to contribute with new sustainable solutions in this production adaptation project to meet the market demands”, says Mikael Sjöblom, Head of Sales BU North, Process Industries Sweden, at AFRY.


For further information, please contact:
Mikael Fränckel, Head of Process Industries Sweden
Tel: +46 70 593 69 96

Mikael Sjöblom, Head of Sales, Process Industries Sweden North
Tel: + 46 10 505 62 06