AFRY is involved in connecting the offshore wind farm Krieger's flak to the electricity grid

AFRY is involved in connecting the offshore wind farm Krieger's flak to the electricity grid


On behalf of Vattenfall, AFRY is responsible for the permit process related to the change of the grid concession

Recently, the Swedish government announced approval of renewed environmental permits for Vattenfall concerning the planned offshore wind farm Krieger's flak, which will be located approximately 30 kilometers south of Trelleborg in Sweden. The renewed permits allow for Vattenfall to build the latest generation of wind turbines, which will be up to 280 meters tall.

The wind farm is expected to produce approximately 2.6 TWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approximately 500,000 households. This will make the park the largest offshore wind farm in Sweden.

Vattenfall already has a permit (grid concession) for 130 kV ground cables for connecting the wind farm to the electricity grid. A grid concession is a permit required for all high voltage power lines, and is granted by the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate in accordance with the Electricity Act.

Given the updated permits for Krieger's Flak, Vattenfall plans to adjust the grid concession to adapt to the new conditions of the windfarm and allow the use of more modern cable technology. Therefore Vattenfall will apply for a change of the grid concession, increasing the allowed voltage level of the cables from 130 kV to 220 kV.

AFRY has been commissioned by Vattenfall to handle the permit process related to the change in the grid concession. As a part of this process, a consultation in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code has been initialized. The complete permit application is expected to be sent to the Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate early this autumn. Vattenfall estimates the wind farm to be operational around the year 2028.

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