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AFRY is now present at COP26


Join us in accelerating the energy transition

AFRY is now present at the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow. The fourth day of COP26 focuses on energy and how to accelerate the global transition to clean energy. AFRY is hosting and participating in a number of events during the day, together with representatives from the industry and decision-makers.

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Enable the energy transition in developing economies

One of the key areas of the negotiations at COP26 is climate finance. Large-scale investments are required to significantly reduce emissions. And the IEA has identified that clean energy investments in developing countries is a cost-effective way of tackling climate change. What is missing is the financial support – something that has been promised by developed countries and is seen as essential to fulfil the 2015 Paris agreement.

The first session hosted by AFRY at COP26 focuses on how to accelerate the energy transition in developing economies. Building on the experiences from COP25 – where AFRY and ABB engaged in discussion on how to use the experiences from a Nordic context to enable the “leap-frogging” in developing economies – the aim is to broaden the scope further and discuss obstacles and enablers in scaling up clean energy projects also in developing economies. Including sustainable finance, regulatory frameworks and how trade could be an important enabler in this transition.

Please join us!

Other events during the day include:

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AFRY is participating in a number of COP26 events in collaboration with Business Sweden.