Edge computing

AFRY partner to new research center at Swedish Royal Institute of Technology


A new software research center in the crossroad of cloud, embedded systems, security and AI brings together The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Vinnova, AFRY and 12 other industrial partners.

The name of the new center, TECoSA, stands for Trustworthy Edge Computing of Systems and Applications, and aims to provide methods, tools and theory for building safe, secure and predictable systems relying on edge computing.

-In the short term, we will be able to build a strong network and establish common best practices among the industrial partners and KTH. In the long term, the center will hopefully provide international top research, says Tor Ericson, Delivery Manager Embedded Systems at AFRY and former chairman of KTH Innovative Center for Embedded Systems.

Edge computing is a new computing layer located between the devices or embedded systems and the cloud, at the “edge of the network”. Addressing issues caused by the large amount of data generated by increasing amount of connected smart devices and sensors, edge-based systems can provide lower response times, relieve network capacity and enhance privacy.

This type of software solution is required for many IoT and smart systems of the future. The wide-scale adoption requires these systems to be trustworthy, especially when using complex algorithms such as machine learning and AI. Trustworthiness itself requires predictability, safety and security and are key focus areas for the center.

Among the industrial partners you will find AFRY, Atlas Copco, Elekta, Ericsson and Saab. The center is placed at KTH in Stockholm and includes many of the university's best scientists.


For more information, visit https://www.tecosa.center.kth.se/

Tor Ericson

Delivery Manager, Connected Products

Nocke Grönros

Strategic Business Developer, Connected Products