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Embedded Solutions

Electronics and software engineering

With our extensive R&D capabilities within embedded electronics and software engineering, we develop your products from an early concept to a fully qualified and certified product for mass production.

The business value for many products we develop is in functions enabled by embedded software. We help you to develop that application software that is typically written in C/C++ but also in C# or Java. We also enable that application software to run on embedded platforms by developing and integrating software platforms. The software platforms can, for instance, be real time platforms (RTOS), Linux platforms, Autosar platforms or similar. The platforms we develop typically have high demands on reliability, security and system safety. We have the development processes, toolchains and IT systems in-house to support this type of development.

We also help you select the right hardware for executing the software. Many clients have specific hardware needs that are not available off the shelf. We help you define the product requirements and develop the hardware that fit your needs in terms of performance, standard compliance and cost constraints. We have the tools and labs to enable efficient PCB/PCBA hardware development from scratch.

Examples of products that we develop are telecom systems, sensor systems, electronic control units, rugged computer boards (including FPGA:s) as well as telematics units (IoT devices).  

Our strength in embedded solutions lies in our ability to provide:

  • Embedded Device Engineering (sensor systems, test tool systems, handheld devices with displays and batteries, control systems, communication devices)
  • Test & Verification
  • Industrialization
  • Product life cycle Management
Per Lundberg - Sales Manager, Connected Products West
Per Lundberg
Sales Manager, Connected Products West

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