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Assessing the potential value from Distribution System Operators


Ed: This article predates November 2019, when ÅF and Pöyry came together as AFRY.

Pöyry Management Consulting has developed a study for Energy Systems Catapult assessing the potential value from Distribution System Operators.

The study ‘Assessing the potential value from Distribution System Operators’ contributes to the debate on future electricity system architecture, analysing the impact on the costs of operating and developing the electricity system under different models for the roles of, and interactions between, the TSO and DSOs, in an increasingly decentralised and decarbonised energy system.

Drawing on National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios and the future worlds described in the Electricity Network Association’s Open Networks project, we provide a quantitative and qualitative assessment of potential models for future TSO:DSO interactions and use of system flexibility.  

Where there is divergence between local and national system constraints and asymmetries in access to, and cost of, solutions to mitigate constraints and congestion, the report shows that improved coordination through more transparent frameworks for signalling the value of flexibility can lower the cost of the electricity system. 

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