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Daylight Design - a freely available source of light

Did you know that we spend around 95% of our time indoors and that the indoor climate is essential for our health and well-being?

Today, we are witnessing a shift from quantitative to qualitative daylight design. Many of the standards and quantities we have been using in the lighting industry were created in the 1950s and there has been a tremendous improvement in our understanding of the effects of daylight design since then.

We now see developments of new standards with focus on qualitative daylight design and its impact on our well-being. This has increased awareness about the benefits of natural light and the demand for specialisation and knowledge about Daylight Design.

“Some see electric light and natural light to be two separate things. We believe in the power of light in a combination of both electric and natural light. Only then can you achieve healthy, liveable and sustainable spaces”, says Daylight Specialist Saurabh Sachdev.


ÅF Lighting works within the following key objectives of Daylight:

Liveable spaces – Spaces where people can dwell and grow.

Healthy spaces – Environments that affect us positively in terms of our physical and mental health.

Sustainability – A quantity and quality balance of daylight with thermal and other energy constraints to optimize energy efficiency and improve productivity in a space.

Daylight is a freely available source of light, essential for life on the planet. The incorporation of daylight early in a process offers sustainable value in terms of comfort, health, energy and economy. We are looking forward to further discussions about daylight and what we can do for your projects.


Find out more about our daylight services in our Daylight Design Brochure 

Paul Traynor - Market Area Manager, Light Bureau UK

Paul Traynor

Market Area Manager, Light Bureau UK

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