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Henyx - the Sun & Moon in a luminaire

ÅFs lighting designer Anna Tomschik shows her award winning luminaire at Europe’s biggest light fair.

When Anna Tomschik decided to create a luminaire for her master thesis at KTH, she never thought it would take her where she is today. Two years, and two international awards later, she is presenting her luminaire design among 14 other young lighting designers at Light + Building in Frankfurt - the largest fair for lighting in Europe.

Her design is a dynamic bedside lamp, Henyx, that consists of two globes: one representing the Sun and one representing the Moon. Through hard work and dedication, she made every single component of her work come together.

Tell us about Henyx. How did you come up with the concept and the name?

After living one year in Sweden, with the extreme light differences between Summer and Winter, I realized I needed something that would alert me in the mornings when it’s still dark outside. Night lamps and wake-up lamps are not a new thing, but I found the design most of the time very basic. I wanted to create something decorative and beautiful that you would actually want next to your bed. The idea was to combine a traditional wake-up lamp, which in this case is represented by the “Sun” that slowly lights up the room, and a darker “Moon” with indirect light which is great when you are reading at night. The name Henyx is a combination of the names Hemera, the Greek goddess of day, and Nyx – the goddess of night.

You have won 2 international awards and now you have been chosen to present here in Frankfurt. What happens next?

It’s been a long process, with a lot of hard work, planning and promoting, and to finally be here in Frankfurt feels amazing! A dream would be to have Henyx as a consumer product that anyone can buy. I’m hoping a manufacturer would pick it up here at Light + Building. Otherwise an idea would be to do it as a Kickstarter project that anyone can invest in. We will see what happens.

So can we expect more product design from Anna in the future?

I hope so! I like to be as versatile as possible and at ÅF I really feel an openness towards being both a lighting designer and a product developer at the same time. ÅF should be proud that they have so many different fields under one roof.

Dennis Högås - Section Manager, Light Bureau, Sweden North East

Dennis Högås

Section Manager, Light Bureau, Sweden North East

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