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Light Bureau launches campaign to find the places you feel unsafe


The campaign invites you to share the dark and poorly lit areas where you feel unsafe

It may seem obvious that research shows compelling correlations between light levels and unsafe places. However, it is not simply about the quantity of light. It is about the quality of the light. A well-designed lighting scheme combined with a technical engineering solution can create inviting space where people can feel safe.

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Fristadstorget in Eskilstuna, Sweden

Fristadstorget is an example of how the right amount of light can reinforce urban design and transform a space into an attractive environment with a unique experience where people can feel safe as night falls.

The campaign, with the hashtag #SaferCities, will collect input from citizens around the world, bring it forward to the right people and keep you posted about hopefully hands-on changes.


Send an email to and let us know where your city feels unsafe or contact Head of Marketing & Communication at Light Bureau, Carin Paulsson:

Carin Paulsson - Head of Marketing and Communication, Light Bureau

Carin Paulsson

Head of Marketing and Communication, Light Bureau

Contact Carin Paulsson

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