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Liquid Light® - Organic lighting in sync with human needs


In pursuit of the perfect balance between user experience and optimized energy consumption Liquid Light® was born.

Liquid Light® is a sustainable and visually inspiring concept of light fluidly adapting to human needs and activity. Directed by exterior variables input, the lighting leads a life of its own in near resemblance with our natural surroundings. It acts in constant dialogue with the user and the space, thus creating a visual ecosystem.

Liquid Light® is a naturally dynamic lighting solution that embraces the complexity of society and human needs within an ever changing – rather than static – built environment.

By implementing Liquid Light® clients are guaranteed to meet the highest energy standards without jeopardising the user experience.   

Liquid Light® is…

Human oriented

  • A customized visual ambience
  • A light setting which supports social interaction
  • Adaptable. Each individual will affect their personal light-zone
  • A joyful experience through elements of surprise and inspiration

Natural balance

  • Lighting that talks to your senses and defines the space
  • Creating an atmosphere by using natural principles
  • Lighting which embraces the user in ”natural” light

Space and place

  • Site specific identity
  • Real time dynamic functional lighting
  • Systems learning from behavior and data
  • Exceeding highest energy standards


Video by

Photographer: Rune Brandt Hermannson

Morten Jensen

Country Manager, Light Bureau Norway

Zlatan Idnert

Head of Efterklang