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Nani Pajunen and Tiina Pajula join AFRY Management Consulting


Welcoming our new Circular Economy and Sustainability experts

AFRY Management Consulting is delighted to announce the appointments of Nani Pajunen and Tiina Pajula as Principal and Senior Principal in its Bioindustry business area.

Nani and Tiina both have extensive experience spanning over 20 years of working towards a sustainable future, specialising in circular economy, sustainability and carbon neutrality. Before joining AFRY, Nani was a Leading Specialist at Sitra, and Tiina was a Principal Scientist at VTT, both Finnish public institutions dedicated to innovation and research. Nani holds a D.Sc. in material processing from Aalto University, and Tiina has an M.Sc. in paper technology from Helsinki University of Technology.

We are enthusiastic about having Nani and Tiina join and strengthen our Bioindustry management consulting team. Their deep knowledge of the industry and dedication to sustainability aligns perfectly with our goal to provide our clients with the highest level of expertise and advice regarding circularity, sustainability and carbon neutrality.

– Saara Söderberg, Vice President, AFRY Management Consulting

Nani and Tiina promote systemic change in society toward carbon-neutral circularity through developing solutions which help base the global market economy on the sustainable use of natural resources. According to them, sustainability can no longer be a separate aspect to be dealt with. Still, it needs to lie both at the core of corporate strategies and in the actions at the operational level:

With relevant and solid expertise in relation to strategic decision making in different industrial sectors, AFRY Management Consulting makes a strong sustainability consulting partner.

Join us in welcoming Nani and Tiina!

Headshots of Nani Pajunen and Tiina Pajula
Nani Pajunen and Tiina Pajula
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