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Circular economy

AFRY’s services in circular economy

Your advisors for the transition to a circular economy. Providing leading solutions for generations to come.

Moving from a linear economy to a circular economy requires system thinking and a holistic view of the stakeholder network and the product lifecycle. AFRY’s multi-disciplinary experts can accompany you through each step of your business processes to find circular economy opportunities. This includes lean production methods, utilization of side streams, prolonging the lifespan of products, equipment and buildings, setting up reverse logistics and take-back-schemes while enabling repair, reuse and recycling. Our vast expertise in interconnected sectors provides us with the technical knowledge and the holistic view required to guide your business to a circular economy.

Product Development and Packaging

  • Circular product design to enable repair, reuse and recycling
  • Material analysis and identification of alternatives
  • Packaging design and strategies to comply to packaging guidelines 
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Product Environmental Declarations (EPD)


  • Circular Economy Screening of plant and processes
  • Optimization of energy, water and resource consumption
  • Waste minimization and management
  • Utilization of side streams
  • Transparent Supply Chains

Business Operations

  • Circular Economy Business Screening
  • Operational Environmental Footprint (OEF)
  • Product-to-Service Transitioning
  • Setting up Reverse Logistics and Take-Back Schemes
  • Circular economy strategies and Carbon Roadmaps


  • Circular economy strategies and roadmaps
  • Implementation of infrastructure for circular approaches
  • Carbon footprint and action plan 
  • Citizen participation and workshops


  • Circular Architecture including resource choice and optimization
  • Smart Buildings to encourage behavior change
  • Decommissioning services and reuse of materials


Anna-Karin Jönbrink

Section Manager, Environment Sweden

Katri Luoma-aho

Head of Section, Environment and Circular Economy, Environment Finland

Claudio Ferro

Business Development Manager & Head of Project Management Switzerland

Saskia Göres

Sustainability Consultant, Environment Germany
Circular economy webinar