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Prima Gamukama

Meet Prima Gamukama! She is Group Compliance & Ethics Officer at AFRY, and also one of the people represented in our brand images.

Behind every one of our brand images is an AFRY employee with their own story. We believe it is important to display real people in real environments, and for you to get to know them!

From Kampala, Uganda to Lund, Sweden

Prima had worked with accounting and auditing at PwC for a couple of years in the bustling city of Kampala, Uganda, when she and her husband, decided to take a career break and seek international experience. They applied for studies in Sweden and both got into to Lund University.

– The plan was to go back to Uganda. But we both fell in love with Sweden and decided to stay after we completed our master studies, says Prima.

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Prima Gamukama, Group Compliance & Ethics Officer at AFRY

Moving to another country after a living your whole life in your home country is not always easy. With her positive attitude and curious mindset, Prima sees the good in everything and never lets negative situations to drain her energy.

– Of course, it is different to live in Sweden in comparison to Uganda. In Kampala, people are very social and greet you when passing by you on the streets. In Sweden, that is not so common – people only warm up after getting to know you. But in terms of security, public services, social order, and corporate culture – Sweden is a great country to live in and I love it here.

Outside work, Prima is engaged in the local church group and leads youth groups on Saturdays.

– I am a Christian and I fellowship at Pingstkyrkan in Lund. I am a youth leader and part of what I do involves teaching the teenagers more about Christianity, encouraging them to focus on their education and giving guidance about any challenges that they face in and out of school. It is very rewarding to know that through these different activities, I get to inspire and positively impact the youth in our local church.

How she joined AFRY

After her studies, Prima got in contact with AFRY through an engineering friend, Fredrik Palmblad, who introduced her to Sofia Klingberg, Inclusion and Diversity Manager and supporter of AFRY's Immigrated Competence Programme. Prima was then offered a position to join Hema Lehocky’s team as Group Compliance and Ethics Officer, and initially started working remotely from Uganda since she had to go back to Uganda to process her work permit application.

AFRY’s strong focus on sustainability and to be able to impact the future for generations to come got me interested in working for AFRY. I was also curious to work with something slightly different from accounting. I haven’t looked back since then.

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Supporting colleagues from around the world

Today, Prima enjoys working together with colleagues across divisions and countries. In her daily job, she ensures that business objectives are achieved while complying with AFRY policies and procedures.

– Through my work, I really feel that I contribute to AFRY’s mission every day – this is exciting for me! I truly think we have an engaging and collaborative environment that comprises of supportive team players who are focused on the same values and goals.

Future plans

In the future, Prima wants to expand her expertise within the field of compliance and sees herself leading a group of compliance officers. She is keen on learning new things and taking on new challenges.

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