AFRY x PulPac

Marketing assets for PulPac: A sustainable collaboration

AFRY's visual artists produced the 'Scala' reveal video

This project case outlines the collaborative efforts between AFRY Experience Studios and PulPac to successfully introduce PulPac's latest machine platform, 'Scala,' to the market.

The project

PulPac approached us to introduce their latest machine platform. "Scala," to the market effectively and create a compelling teaser to ignite audience interest. The primary aim was to create a reveal video that would communicate the key attributes of the machine platform while leaving the viewer intrigued and eager to learn more about "Scala".

Our way of working

In our collaboration with PulPac throughout the project, we maintained direct communication to align our efforts with their vision and the project's inspiration.

Our team of 3D/visual artists worked closely to ensure that our work was both feasible within the given time frame and aligned with the machine platform's essence.

Our initial steps involved receiving a CAD model of PulPac's machine platform and visiting their office to capture reference images and videos of the machine itself. This facilitated a deeper understanding of the equipment and allowed us to address any questions or concerns crucial for creating an authentic 3D representation.

AFRY x Pulpac
AFRY visiting PulPac's factory to gain a thorough understanding of the operation.

With the storyboard and 3D model ready, we commenced the video production process, involving numerous iterations of various film sequences. We meticulously tested lighting, camera angles, materials, model tweaks, and more before achieving the final video.

Sustainability and Making Future

'PulPac Scala' represents a transformative innovation within the packaging industry, thanks to its Dry Molded Fiber technology. In a world where disposable products are overwhelmingly made of plastic, PulPac offers a fiber-based alternative that is eagerly anticipated by consumers worldwide. This shift is not only about the innovative technique; it also concerns the compact size of the machinery, which lowers investment, and makes it easy to ship worldwide while also minimising the environmental impact associated with shipping.

As visual artists, we saw this as an opportunity to contribute to a greener future by working with clients like PulPac. Bringing their machine platform to life is our way of supporting a sustainable path forward for manufacturers.

– Olof Stenlund, Section Manager, Visualisation Design at AFRY.

The result

The culmination of our efforts resulted in a two-part video. The initial segment, the teaser, featured a distinctively darker ambience with abstract elements, leaving viewers in suspense.

In contrast, the reveal is presented by gradually increasing the lighting intensity, ultimately unveiling the machine in all its glory.

AFRY X PulPac 'Scala*

The team at AFRY was as committed to the project as we were. Together, we found an effective way of working that allowed us to create a really good visualisation despite the short time. And working with people who are passionate about what they do is always very inspiring.

– Ann Dynehäll, Chief Communications Officer at PulPac.

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Olof Stenlund - Section Manager Visualisation Design
Olof Stenlund
Section Manager Visualisation Design

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Peder Bengtsson  - Manager Technical Design
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