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Developing technology to produce fossil-free fuels and chemicals from air with Liquid Sun

AFRY is part of Liquid Sun’s technology development to enable the production of sustainable fossil-free fuels

AFRY supported Liquid Sun in defining the crucial steps towards the development of an operational hydrocarbon electrolyzer prototype. Through a collaborative partnership, AFRY provided support to Liquid Sun, setting the stage for the realisation of this ground-breaking technology to replace fossil fuels with synthetic hydrocarbons.

Liquid Sun, a green tech company that creates fossil-free fuels and chemicals from the air, has developed technology to produce liquid hydrocarbons from the air and water ready for industrial applications. The synthetic hydrocarbon electrolyze is powered by electricity from renewable sources, and it creates hydrocarbons only from CO2, and water. Recognizing the importance of Liquid Sun's vision, AFRY worked closely with the company to meticulously identify the necessary steps for the prototype's development. The primary objective of the project was to establish a comprehensive project plan and a realistic schedule, enabling Liquid Sun to navigate the complex path towards achieving their ambitious goals.

Our mission is to create innovative fossil-free fuels and chemicals and partner with global companies for the benefit of the environment and economic efficiency. AFRY's expertise and guidance were instrumental in providing a clear roadmap for Liquid Sun's future progress.

  Samuel Thesleff, CEO at Liquid Sun.

AFRY's expert team also conducted an extensive evaluation of potential vendors capable of designing and manufacturing the prototype electrolyzer. Leveraging their industry knowledge and thorough analysis of publicly available information, AFRY presented Liquid Sun with a comprehensive summary of available industrial partners. In turn, this facilitated informed decision-making and allowed Liquid Sun to strategically allocate their resources, optimizing time and cost efficiencies. Thanks to the strategic collaboration, Liquid Sun is now well-positioned to move forward with confidence.

We are thrilled to have played a vital role in shaping Liquid Sun's groundbreaking project. Our collaboration has been centered around supporting Liquid Sun in identifying the necessary steps towards their ambitious goals. By providing tailored solutions and leveraging our industry expertise, we have paved the way for the successful development of Liquid Sun’s prototype electrolyzer.

  Matthew Geraghty, a Senior Project Manager at AFRY

AFRY's commitment to enabling visionary companies and driving cutting-edge technologies has once again been affirmed through the strategic partnership with Liquid Sun. By providing guidance and expertise, AFRY has demonstrated its dedication to supporting innovative projects that have the potential to revolutionize the industry and contribute to a sustainable future.

  Petri Vasara, Vice President, Process Industries at AFRY.

Project facts

Project: A new technology to produce liquid hydrocarbons

Client name: Liquid Sun

Project location: Finland

Project time: 2023

AFRY Scope of Services delivered: Project and process consultancy services



Did you know?

The synthetic hydrocarbon electrolyze is powered by electricity from renewable sources, and it creates hydrocarbons only from CO2 and water. The produced liquid hydrocarbons are ready for industrial applications.