Nima charging electric car.

Focus on ultra-fast EV charging to push sustainable mobility

Within the sustainability transition

Now, more than ever, the push for widespread adoption of EVs and efficient chargers is driven by the need for everyone to take part in the sustainability transition. The competition in the EV market is fierce, with each player striving for a prominent position in the evolving landscape. Being the "top-of-mind" brand is crucial in a sector where recognition often determines success.  

Global EV charging

In the Global EV charging race, there are some musts to focus on, for all EV charging point operators and service providers: great user experience, location, and speed. 

The increased demand for more electric vehicles on the road in the fossil-free transition, predicts a strong growth in public EV chargers. In Europe, there are today 630.000 public EV chargers installed, but still, only 9% of these are fast chargers. The need for ultra-fast charging is urgent and a must for a rapid transition to a sustainable mobility future.

The fastest networks

One of the newest and most interesting players in the Nordic market, is Nima Energy – who claims one of the fastest networks available with up to an impressive 300-to-400-kilowatt capacity, which makes it possible to charge 300 km in 15 minutes. They aim to establish 1250 ultra-fast charging points by the end of 2026, and in Stockholm inner city alone, they are currently building 50 ultra-fast charging points.

  • 300-to-400-kilowatt capacity
  • 300 km in 15 minutes
  • 1250 ultra-fast charging points
Nima charges a electric car by the forrest.

Push sustainable mobility further

At AFRY, we are proud to push sustainable mobility further together with Nima Energy, supporting them on the branding design.

The design team from AFRY Experience Studios, has supported in stating Nima Energy as the premium brand they are. Addressing the challenge of positioning a new player in the emerging domain of EV chargers, we collaborated closely with Nima Energy when giving them a sleek hardware design, a blend of muted and sophisticated colors scheme, and minimalist yet impactful graphics. The new brand design is positioning Nima Energy as a frontrunner within ultra-fast EV charging and standing out on the market as a premium provider.

Join us at AFRY in accelerating change and shaping tomorrow towards a sustainable and electrifying future.

Hanna Ljungström - Section Manager Product Design
Hanna Ljungström
Section Manager Product Design

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