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Quality Management System as key to reach business goals

We implement Quality Management Systems by client engagement and internal mentorship

The electronics manufacturer Swelex purchases AFRY's inhouse developed Quality Management System and receives support throughout the implementation. A strategic pairing in consultancy, harmonizing established knowledge with an aspiring talent. One member spearheads strategic planning and advisory tasks, steering the direction of projects, while the other focuses on hands-on operational duties, ensuring efficient and effective implementation.

The assignment involves establishing AFRY's Quality Management System and implement it for the client, Swelex. Swelex operates within a group where the parent company holds ISO 9001 certification for Quality Management Systems. However, individual certification is required for each company within the group. In response to this requirement, the client seeks to digitize its Business Manual and conduct a comprehensive review to update existing processes accordingly.

We are extremely pleased with AFRY as a partner, and the assignment was managed really well, exceeding expectations even. Initially I was somewhat skeptical, actually, bringing in such a newly minted consultant, as Julia who came directly from school. However, it turned out to be a fantastic combination, and with Anki, who is very competent in the field. Now I am completely sold on the idea and can highly recommend the setup.

/Tommy Ahlsved, CEO of Swelex

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AFRY contributes with both leadership and resources

 A senior consultant leads, provides strategic advisory, and serves as a support for a junior colleague. This way, we maximize the value for the client from our services while ensuring knowledge transfer and the personal development of our employees.

"The client can feel confident that the work will be carried out correctly thanks to the senior expert but avoids paying the higher rate for the operational work, which is handled by another consultant, specialized in their field but junior in some aspects related to the task," says Britta-Stina Karlsson, Business Segment Manager at Compliance and Quality Management.

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Julia Sundmark: Junior Quality Consultant

Julia Sundmark joined AFRY directly from Uppsala University, after completing her master’s degree in chemical engineering. She is undertaking her first assignment as a consultant and shares her thoughts on being a junior paired with a senior colleague.

"I am learning quickly because I receive support and assistance immediately when questions arise. The security of working alongside an experienced consultant allows me to develop and understand the work better and faster than if I were solely learning from my own mistakes."

Portrait of Anki Gegerfelt Senior Quality Management Consultant

Anki Gegerfelt: Senior Quality Consultant

Anki Gegerfelt, a senior consultant at AFRY and specialist in quality management systems, is the one who conducts initial workshops, assists the client in setting up their processes, and serves as a brilliant motivator during the change process. She explains:

"Julia comes in with eager eyes and asks insightful questions. Through this approach, I continually develop and learn new perspectives for problem-solving.”

The Product – In-House Developed QMS in SharePoint

There are numerous advantages to building the quality management system in SharePoint. Many companies already have the Office365 package, where it is included. They can circumvent the expense of acquiring a new system and mitigate the need for substantial resource investment in developing integrations between systems. Furthermore, implementation is expedited as most individuals are already accustomed to working in SharePoint, leveraging their familiarity with its functionalities.

"There are numerous features in SharePoint that, when utilized, can enhance user-friendliness," says Julia, who is setting up the system for the client. She continues to explain that the work is facilitated by having someone at the client's end who is interested in IT and is happy to maintain this type of IT solution. Collaboration is the key to the success of the outcome.

"We are very satisfied with the decision to implement the quality management system in SharePoint. Firstly, because we already had it implemented in the business, we avoided having to purchase another system to be implemented and integrated with existing ones. This meant that we avoided both costs and several obstacles during this journey of change, and we will easily be able to keep it updated and alive with our own resources once the assignment is completed."

/Tommy Ahlsved, VD på Swelex

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Swelex receives a QMS tailored to its operations
The homepage consists of an interactive overview of the company's three main processes and its supporting processes. Relevant documents are two clicks away.

Nudging and UX = Cornerstones

Making it easy to do the right thing is one of the foundations of a management system. For us, this entails adopting a customer-centric approach to ensure maximum user-friendliness. For Julia, this involves configuring the functions in SharePoint to fit the business and keeping the users in mind throughout the setup process. It could mean tagging documents so that they are sorted and distributed to the right process. "Nudging" could be something as simple as automatic filtering. As an employee at Swelex, you must stay updated on changes related to your work and easily find the correct version of an instruction. If the first thing you see every day when you log in is a brief list of documents, with the most recently updated one at the top, any deviation will immediately catch your attention.

More Benefits with Quality Management System

The most common reason for a company to establish a quality management system is the desire to eventually obtain an ISO certificate. With an increasing number of businesses requiring ISO-certified suppliers, Being certified according to ISO 9001 will give a competitive advantage. While many perceive quality management systems as expensive, complicated, and mundane, customers are frequently surprised by the extensive benefits they derive from their implementation, far exceeding initial expectations. Anki highlights some of the benefits:

"A good management system serves as a communication aid and collaboration platform where mutual learning can take place. Common comments I receive from customers are: 'It's become easy to do the right thing!' and 'Collaboration works better now that responsibilities are clearer.' For most, the consequences also become clearer. Suddenly, they understand the risks of not keeping track of their own suppliers, not quite knowing how to perform certain tasks, and the possibility of important documents getting lost."


Engagement is Key

Projects of this nature begin with visits to the customer, and an internal audit establishes the starting point. Then, a senior quality consultant, such as Anki Gegerfelt in this case, leads workshops aimed at establishing the basic processes. Active participation and engagement from the customer are essential, and stakeholder involvement is crucial for its success.

"It's crucial for the customer to feel ownership of their management system. If they do not feel comfortable with the system, it can be difficult for them to manage and work on continuous improvements once the consultants leave," she explains.

"Of course, AFRY offers its services as an advisory resource for as long as the customer desires," Britta-Stina clarifies, "but for us to be satisfied with an implementation project, the core business of the customer must recognize and approve of the management system. If we fail in that regard, there's a risk that the system, in the worst case, becomes a very expensive bundle of dust-collecting documents, filled with fancy but empty words."

We live in a world of constant change and face increasingly complex demands for efficiency, competitiveness, and growth. At the same time, there is a growing demand for internal governance and control in businesses. Given the ever more stringent stream of new and updated laws and regulations, a user-friendly management system can be crucial for achieving business goals. It enhances our ability to proactively mitigate risks and seize new business opportunities.

/Anki Gegerfelt, Senior specialist och kvalitetskonsult.


Britta-Stina Karlsson - Segment Manager, Compliance and Quality Management

Britta-Stina Karlsson

Segment Manager, Compliance and Quality Management

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