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AFRY Smart Forestry Manager

Solution for managing your forest data and operations

Increase the effectiveness of your forest management and planning efforts within one system, AFRY Smart Forestry Manager.

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AFRY Smart Forestry Manager is the most modern solution in the market for managing your forest inventory data and forest management activities.

Reliability to your forest management

Our experienced team of AFRY's in-house foresters has developed the system with cutting-edge forest industry expertise and capabilities for forest management professionals.

With AFRY Smart Forestry Manager, you will be able to:

  • Maintain high-quality forest inventory data by built-in data validation and updating your data with growth simulation
  • Log in and use the software tools on any device, anywhere, with a flexible and modern application
  • Streamline reporting and communication with standard reports and automated integration
  • Manage your whole forest portfolio and value chain under a single forest industry ERP system, whether it's local or international


Save time and money with a single, fully functional system

Smart Forestry Manager provides an intuitive user experience with all the top-notch features of world-class forestry management software. It is also available offline for executing fieldwork in the forest.

You can manage your entire forest area portfolio across country borders in one system with one login without sacrificing locally calibrated forest data and operation models.

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High-quality data for better decisions

Bad inputs usually result in bad outputs. From standing stock attributes to stand geometries, forest inventory data is often complex and prone to outdated information and errors.

That's why we have built-in data validation rules for Manager through careful research and analysis to ensure your data stays relevant and in good shape, regardless of who uses the system.

Manager empowers you to make timely forest and environmental management decisions for sustainable and cost-efficient timber production and wood procurement.

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More efficiency with better communication

With Smart Forestry Manager, it's possible to streamline communication by sharing limited access to service providers. You can also send notifications and requests to external systems directly from Manager.

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Who can benefit from AFRY Smart Forestry Manager?

Manager plays a key role in supporting the maintenance and updating of forest data for institutional investors, forest industry managers, and forest owners. It ensures that economic objectives are balanced with ecological diversity, allowing for the optimal utilisation of forests' natural resources.

Let Manager help you maintain and continuously validate accurate data about your forest assets.
Jussi Rasinmäki - Head of Smart Forestry
Jussi Rasinmäki
Head of Smart Forestry

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