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AFRY Smart Forestry Products

Comprehensive forestry software for strategic, tactical and operational planning

AFRY Smart Forestry uses innovative software, state-of-the-art forestry technology, and modern forestry techniques to improve forest management operations. Our products provide reliable information by mapping, optimising, monitoring, and continuously learning about the forest supply chain's life cycle and functions.

TreeMaps - Remote sensing based inventory process for precision forestry

AFRY Smart Forestry TreeMaps is the ultimate solution for extracting high-resolution 3D information from widely available remote sensing data sources such as drones and manned aircraft equipped with cameras or LiDAR sensors. And when a drone or aircraft isn't practical, our software can even utilise openly available spaceborne sensor data, making it possible to inventory vast areas effectively.

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Screenshot of AFRY Smart Forestry Planner

Planner - Ensure continuous profitability by optimising your forest management

AFRY Smart Forestry Planner is a powerful tool that helps you create effective forest management strategies. With its strategic and tactical optimisation models, you can find the best solutions for setting long-term goals and executing short-term actions. Let AFRY Smart Forestry Planner be your go-to decision support and optimisation tool for managing your forest and sourcing wood.

Manager - Solution for managing your forest data and operations

AFRY Smart Forestry Manager is the most advanced solution for managing forest inventory data and activities on the market. With cutting-edge forestry expertise and a team of experienced AFRY foresters, it's the ultimate tool for managing your forest.

Screenshot of AFRY Smart Forestry Manager
Jussi Rasinmäki - Head of Smart Forestry
Jussi Rasinmäki
Head of Smart Forestry

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