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Cost Management

Infrastructure, Real Estate and Construction Economics

Urban development is an expensive investment. Teaming up with AFRY helps manage the cost.

Growing cities require large-scale investment for building roads, bridges and tunnels. AFRY is a market leader with extensive experience in urban development, investment analysis and cost management. As a leading engineering and consulting company we offer a unique range of expertise to clients from implementation to operations management. Our clients include municipalities, real estate companies, developers, contractors and architects.

To meet your needs and optimize your operations, our ambition is to work together with you throughout the entire process. Indeed, an important part of what we do involves listening to you and asking questions in order to understand your challenges and ambitions.

We perform cost assessments and cost follow-up from the pre-planning phase to operations management or decommissioning. During the design phase, we're able to support you with our expertise in budgeting, alternative- and control calculations, bills of quantities or tenders. We also do estimates on alternative investments, as basis for comparison and decision-making.

During the construction phase we help you to ensure an optimal project economy, from construction start-up to operations management. Our extensive experience enables us to provide you with reliable decision support to ensure a successful execution of the project.

At AFRY, we have helped our clients develop profitable operations management for more than sixty years. Our assignments range from auditing a real estate portfolio and producing maintenance plans, making control calculations of a renovation, to assessing alternative use of a property.

Our focus on developing commercially and technically sustainable solutions assist you with creating the conditions, which lead to high property values. We carry out more than 500 assignments annually, with a total investment value of more than €11 billion per annum.

Our areas of expertise

  • Investment analysis and real estate economics
  • Cost estimations, from idea to operations management
  • Cost management and cost control
  • Bills of quantities
  • Expertise in contract disputes

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