Energy Controller

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Energy Controller

Better operation economy and lower climate impacts with Energy Controller

AFRY has developed the Energy Controller tool to enable our customers to implement energy efficiency measures more easily. The tool manages, monitors and highlights the consumption and cost of heating, electricity, cooling and water, and provides environmental data such as current carbon emissions for the buildings.

One way of getting access to more energy in society without increasing energy production is to make energy efficiency measures. As the Earth’s resources are limited, energy efficiency is becoming one of the important elements for reducing environmental impacts and achieving a sustainable society. By way of example, the energy consumption of the property sector corresponds to 40 per cent of Sweden’s total energy consumption, which means this sector has huge potential for improving efficiency. Every property owner should therefore understand the impacts energy consumption has on the environment and natural resources.

AFRY provides a integrated approach to energy efficiency

Before any energy efficiency measures can be proposed the present rate of energy consumption must be presented. It is also important to monitor and evaluate the performance of energy efficiency measures to see if they provide the preferred outcome. As experts in energy efficiency, AFRY offers its customers an energy collaboration covering the entire process: from the inventory of a business or a property’s performance to evaluation and monitoring. The collaboration begins with a thorough inventory of the property’s energy consumption and operating costs which then results in an action plan. Based on the action plan, the measures that are profitable are implemented. They may, for example, include optimisation of the property’s existing equipment and training of the customer’s staff.

Visualise the impacts with Energy Controller

An important element of AFRY’s energy collaboration for energy efficiency and lower environmental impact is the analysis tool Energy Controller. The tool is used both to monitor the customer’s energy consumption, water consumption and costs, and also to summarise and analyse the effects of the implemented measures. Measured data is displayed using charts and graphs, which provide an easily understood visual indicator of energy consumption. This visual indicator of energy consumption makes it possible to monitor energy efficiency work in a straightforward way.

Report environmental data on energy

In addition to analysing energy consumption, Energy Controller can also report environmental data which includes displaying carbon emissions that are derived from the current rate of energy consumption. This environmental report is in line with the regulations that the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate has developed, which is extremely useful when the customer needs a reportable environmental value. Specific environmental data is collected directly from the customer’s supplier of heat and electricity, and is reported in SEK, kilowatt hours and environmental values such as carbon emissions.


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