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Packaging development

Innovative packaging solutions for a more sustainable future

Packaging serves as more than just a vessel for products. It functions as a medium to convey your brand's message, captivate customers, and create a memorable experience. We have gathered our industry-focused packaging development expertise to assist you in harnessing these potentials to the fullest.

Packaging often enters the picture in the later phases of product development, leaving room for optimization. Our team offers its proficiency and insights to aid you in identifying and leveraging these possibilities, thereby optimizing your packaging according to your specific requirement.

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Packaging solutions for the future - Sustainable and innovative concepts from AFRY

At AFRY, we take pride in our specialization across the entire packaging value chain. We have broad expertise in areas such as design, development, and validation of packaging concepts. Regardless of your packaging requirements, rest assured we have the knowledge and competence to fulfill your needs.

By integrating our knowledge in design, material, production processes and packaging logistics, we can ensure that your packaging can become more durable, functional, and cost-effective. We consider every step of the value chain and are dedicated to deliver packaging solutions of the highest quality.

Optimize your packaging strategy with tailored solutions across industries

We customize solutions to align with your specific situation and your unique packaging demands. With our profound experience and expertise in areas such as food, retail, furniture, industry, and pharmaceuticals, we can create tailor-made packaging solutions that suit your requirements and strength your position on the market.

Regardless of whether your goal is to optimize your transport packaging or focus on more user-friendly consumer packaging, we design tailor-made solutions that match your demands.

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Create brand-enhancing packaging - sustainable and user-friendly solutions

Packaging serves a purpose beyond protecting the product; it plays a roll in creating a positive customer experience and strengthening your brand communication. Therefore, we constantly strive to develop packaging solutions that have a reduced environmental impact, are functional and cost-effective and amplifies your brand images.

Precision at every step- We design high-quality packaging solutions with elaborate approaches

AFRY considers every step of the packaging circular value chain. From material selection and design to production processes and packaging logistics, to ensure that your packaging meets the highest quality standards and contributes creating a positive customer experience.

With our broad experience and expertise, you can be confident that we will deliver customized packaging solutions that align with your requirements, enhancing your brand on the market.

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Packaging development with expertise in food, retail, furniture, industry, and pharmaceuticals

With our long experience in the packaging industry and expertise in the above areas, we can highlight a holistic perspective on your existing and future packaging challenges.

Each industry and product category have its own requirements and we are well equipped to meet these requirements by assembling cross-functional teams covering a range of different areas and technologies. We manage the packaging project in its entirety, regardless of whether it concerns an individual product or an entire packaging range.


We provide a wide range of specialized services in the packaging development field to meet your specific requirements.



Our areas of expertise in packaging development:

Sustainable packaging: Arrow pointing right

We help you create a sustainability strategy for your packaging, implement circular packaging solutions and thus reduce your environmental impact.

Packaging optimization: Arrow pointing right

We analyze your existing packaging's value chain and identify opportunities for improvement. We optimize the packaging's size, material, and degree of filling to reduce costs and minimize waste.

Unbiased packaging solutions: Arrow pointing right

We can conduct an impartial dialogue between you and your packaging suppliers to develop the optimized and impartial packaging solution that you need and desire.

Packaging logistics: Arrow pointing right

We can help you streamline the entire packaging value chain, from design and production to distribution and display.

We analyze the logistics processes and identify opportunities for pallet optimization and efficiency, so that you can reduce costs and environmental impact.

User-friendly packaging: Arrow pointing right

Packaging must be easy to use and provide a positive customer experience. We create packaging solutions that appeal to the user, are easy to open and are practical.

Quality, test and validation, benchmarking: Arrow pointing right

We can guide you in how you can conduct quality controls and tests as well as carry out benchmarking analyzes to compare your packaging with competitors to ensure that your packaging meets the highest standards and requirements.

We can also conduct benchmarking analyzes to compare your packaging with the competitors.

Requirements and specifications: Arrow pointing right

We can help you to define requirements and specifications for your packaging as well as necessary labelling.

Workshops and lectures: Arrow pointing right

We hold inspiring lectures and workshops adapted to your specific needs and knowledge levels.

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At AFRY, we are always up to date of the packaging industry and its developments to be able to offer more sustainable, innovative tailored services, and products for our customers.

We have the skills and experience required to deliver successful results, regardless of whether you need help developing a completely new packaging design, optimizing an existing packaging concept, or solving specific challenges in packaging logistics.

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss your packaging needs and how we can help.

Eva Liv - Section Manager Supply Chain Management, Malmö
Eva Liv
Section Manager Supply Chain Management, Malmö

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