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Risk Management Program

Guide in the complex world of risk management and ability analysis

Authorities, companies and businesses face challenges in their everyday operations and future-securing investments. These challenges span from market and operation related risks to sustainability, financial, regulative and security related risks. Some risks are easier to mitigate but others are both more complex to mitigate and more intricate to prioritise between. A clear guidance alleviates the decision process and makes time for forward heading discussions.

When it comes to risk management and security-classified critical infrastructure and services, AFRY has a proven history in documenting, analysing, quantifying and mitigating risk. Using expert interviews and workshops to guide management on company, group and board level.

Key benefits
  • Builds a base for management on all levels for tracking and understanding the current risk situation and how to prioritise mitigation efforts based on quantified cost-effect analysis.
  • Offers bench marking of current risk framework, analysis, process and guiding policies according to industry and ISO standards with guidance for fulfillment.
  • Fulfilling management and board responsibilities on how and when to plan and execute risk management process in a transparent and traceable way.
The Risk Management Program from AFRY

Our methodology is based on ISO 31000 (Risk management) and ISO 22301 (Security and resilience) standards and can be adjusted to both company and country specific requirements. If needed the risk analysis can be on overarching level or encompass full review including operations ability and sustainability risks.

Joakim Strandqvist - Senior consultant Risk and Public Safety
Joakim Strandqvist
Senior consultant Risk and Public Safety

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