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Strategic Asset Management & Decision Making

Multi-industry expertise in providing targeted capital investment and asset management decision making

Our clients often face similar challenges: Where to best invest limited resources and how to justify their funding needs to regulators, governments, or shareholders. With our data-driven approach, renewal, and maintenance needs are identified through end-to-end traceable models. Our ability to drill down to the single asset level allows for us to pinpoint the CAPEX/ OPEX drivers across a portfolio. We consider how to report findings in a transparent and easily conveyable way, showing condition trends and their impact on funding needs. Furthermore, we take into consideration the technology upgrade programs and external requirements, such as capacity increases or systems migrations, which need to be quantified and worked into not only asset management but portfolio and ultimately corporate strategy. We assist our clients across the entire range of these challenges. Our lasting relationships and the long-term support we provide are a testament to the value we deliver to our clients.

We have key projects and provide long-term support for multiple European railway infrastructure managers, aviation, manufacturing owners, and utility companies, with a total portfolio value of more than 500 billion EUR.

Strategic Portfolio Steering

  •  CAPEX/ OPEX forecasting and simulation
  •  Condition-based renewal and maintenance intervention requirements
  • Capacity planning and forecasting with consideration of labor, materials, and access costs, requirements, and capabilities
  • Alignment with corporate sourcing strategies and capabilities management
  • Migration programs and technology generation management
  • Portfolio transformation business case modeling
  • Strategic, decision support models for top management based on sound and end-to-end consistent asset data with planning horizons up to decades

Financial and Performance Reporting and Management

  • Data-based and condition-driven CAPEX/ OPEX funding needs reporting
  • Shareholder/ regulator reporting models
  • Infrastructure funding scheme negotiation support with e.g., governments or regulators
  • Quantifiable, transparent, and traceable models with full drill-down capabilities to justify funding needs

Data Quality Management

  •  Automated data quality reporting, monitoring, and cleaning
  • Algorithmic rules for data quality assessment
  •  Data quality audits and management
  • Implementation of algorithmic data quality improvements
  • Data improvement program introduction and training
  • Data governance and continuous data quality management programs
  • Inflow control of bad data, robust data input and processing mechanisms
Fredrik Nerman - Key Account Manager
Fredrik Nerman
Key Account Manager

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Hermann Orth - Leiter Strategic Asset Management
Hermann Orth
Head of Strategic Asset Management

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