Biogas incentives: the right focus?


From: 08-October-2020 To: 08-October-2020

Biogas is a very interesting product that is proving useful in improving sustainability across a number of sectors including energy, food production and waste management. However, biogas production is a complicated process involving a range of different technologies and it is rarely economical without some form of subsidy or support mechanism. To date, these subsidies have been based on the energy output of the biogas process, but biogas is a poor form of any particular energy vector and so the subsidies are often poorly designed. 

In this webinar, Angus Paxton, Antonio Michelon and Martti Surakka discuss the potential for biogas production and how it might be suitably incentivised to deliver decarbonisation and sustainability without costing the earth, its impact on decarbonisation and the opportunities for future investments across Europe.

The slide pack and recording are available below.

CNGT Biogas_Courtesy of CNG Services Ltd.
Image courtesy of CNG Services Ltd.
CNGT biogas

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Angus Paxton

Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

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Director, AFRY Management Consulting

Martti Surakka

Senior Consultant, AFRY Management Consulting
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