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June 2024 Arrow pointing right

5 June 2024

Making Better Data-Driven Asset Decisions: Strategic Asset Management for the Energy Industry

Gain insights into how an asset management maturity assessment that goes far beyond ISO 55000 will deliver actionable insights on how to bring your asset management to the next level.

May 2024 Arrow pointing right

24 May 2024

National and Zonal electricity market designs for Great Britain

Discover more about AFRY's review of electricity market arrangements in Great Britain, related to the challenges of operating and optimising a fully decarbonised power sector by 2035.

16 May 2024

Implications of 24/7 carbon free electricity on system operation

AFRY has recently begun working with National Grid ESO to better understand the implications for system operation, which arise from the development of 24/7 CFE trading. This webinar explores the project and 24/7 CFE trading.

March 2024 Arrow pointing right

25 March 2024

AFRY assessment of impacts of EU CBAM on electricity imports into the EU from GB

In this webinar, AFRY present the insights from its assessment, outlining the issues identified and their implications.

February 2024 Arrow pointing right

14 February 2024

Spain – A Future Leader in Renewable Hydrogen?

Harnessing the power of its abundant sunshine and wind, Spain has ambitions of positioning itself as one of Europe’s leading renewable hydrogen producers in the coming decades. Against this backdrop, how does AFRY see the current situation?

January 2024 Arrow pointing right

18 January 2024

Unlocking Australia’s Energy Transition – What’s Needed to Reach Net Zero by 2050?

AFRY recaps the targets, challenges and work being undertaken for the NEM to accomplish an orderly transition. We also present our views on the plausible impacts of the targets and future technologies on the NEM’s operations and prices.

December 2023 Arrow pointing right

12 December 2023

Unlocking Potential: Overcoming Barriers in the Colombian and Peruvian Electricity Markets

AFRY provide an overview of the electricity markets and the current hot topics of Colombia and Peru, as well as the current barriers that renewables face in both countries.

4 December 2023

Charging Ahead: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities in European EV Charging Infrastructure

AFRY's e-mobility team explore the existing challenges and opportunities in European EV charging infrastructure.

November 2023 Arrow pointing right

9 November 2023

What next for European gas supplies in an uncertain world?

Amidst conflict in the Middle East, damage to the Balticconnector gas pipeline and uncertainty over Russian gas in Europe; what does the current gas landscape look like in Europe?

7 November 2023

AFRY Point of View (Italian)

Client event exploring topics such as the global gas market and how Italy will kickstart its transition to renewable energy.

2 November 2023

Investing in the ASEAN energy transition – what are the opportunities and where will the money come from?

AFRY Management Consulting and auctusESG have come together to examine the prospects for low-carbon energy investments in the ASEAN region.

October 2023 Arrow pointing right

19 October 2023

PPA markets in APAC: Playing to win the decarbonisation race

AFRY’s experts provide an APAC renewable energy market outlook, introduce available renewable electricity procurement options recognised by RE100 across APAC markets, discuss corporate renewable energy strategies, and share best practices.

5 October 2023

Carbon removal – where will credit prices go next?

In this webinar we explore the recent trends in the removals market, covering both voluntary and government-led developments, the challenges that need to be overcome for the market to continue to scale, and a sneak peek at how AFRY is modelling the market to project future permanent removal credit prices.

September 2023 Arrow pointing right

26 September 2023

Review of electricity market design in Great Britain

Over the past 15 months, AFRY has completed a review of electricity market arrangements in Great Britain, in response to a government consultation. Stephen Woodhouse and Tom Williams explore the findings and recommendations from the study.

August 2023 Arrow pointing right

9 August 2023

Risks and opportunities in the Spanish power market: what's next?

What's next for the Spanish power market? Our Spanish market team explore the fascinating landscape of the energy transition in Iberia.

June 2023 Arrow pointing right

27 June 2023

Mind the gap: Enabling development of a global market for low carbon ammonia

Ammonia experts Josie Armstrong and Hasan Tarique explore what gaps remain in the development plan for low carbon ammonia, and what can be done to bridge these gaps.

May 2023 Arrow pointing right

25 May 2023

Exploring the Utility Storage Battery Supply Chain

AFRY explore the battery supply chain, the existing vulnerabilities, and the resilience measures that can be taken to prevent supply chain disruption from impacting batteries’ essential role in decarbonisation.

10 May 2023

What does the future hold? Providing strategic insight in a world driven by uncertainty

AFRY has created a set of potential scenarios providing a long term outlook on what the world could look like in 2050, detailing the most relevant scenarios of the future. In this webinar we explore these scenarios.

March 2023 Arrow pointing right

14 March 2023

Daily Valuation Curve: Introducing a single valuation framework for renewable assets (client-exclusive)

Learn how the newly launched Daily Valuation Curve can help investors, developers and financial institutions to calculate the valuation of a renewable asset with greater certainty.

February 2023 Arrow pointing right

2 February 2023

AFRY’s 2022 Q4 Pan-European Price Projections (client-exclusive webinar)

In this session, we gave an overview of our Q4 results, and included a description of the sensitivities we included with it and how these could be used.

January 2023 Arrow pointing right

17 January 2023

AFRY European Power Market Conference (client-exclusive content)

Access the recordings and slide packs from our European Power Market Conference. The event featured a number of presentations from gas markets and electricity market design to REMA and our latest tool, the Daily Valuation Curve.

October 2022 Arrow pointing right

11 October 2022

The benefits of long duration storage in the GB market

Following the publication of the report "The Benefits of Long Duration Electricity Storage", AFRY and BEIS present the key findings in this webinar.


04 October 2022

The Gas Crisis – How will Europe manage without Nord Stream 1?

AFRY’s gas market expert, Lucy Field, reviews the latest developments in the Gas Crisis, focussing on the cessation of gas flows via Nord Stream 1 and the outlook for the remaining Russian gas supply contracts to Europe.

May 2022 Arrow pointing right

30 May 2022

The Gas Crisis – latest market developments

In their third Gas Crisis webinar, Lucy and Matt discuss the recent market developments in terms of new projects, new laws and new sanctions. They also assess the possibility of more significant curtailments of Russian gas supplies to Europe and the potential impact on the largest EU gas markets.

11 May 2022

AFRY’s Global Hydrogen Trade Model

In this webinar, John Williams, Brendan Cronin and Adel Ramadan present AFRY's global hydrogen trade model along with our initial results for the future prices and trade patterns in low carbon hydrogen.

March 2022 Arrow pointing right

08 March 2022

The Gas Crisis of 2022 – following the Invasion of Ukraine

With the invasion of Ukraine, how will this impact Russia's role in supplying gas to Europe? Matt Brown and Lucy Field continue to discuss the gas crisis which started in 2021 and how it has developed following the invasion of Ukraine.

February 2022 Arrow pointing right

07 February 2022

The Gas Crisis of 2021/22, so far…

With enormous increases in the global gas price recently, what are the main factors influencing Europe? In this webinar, Lucy Field, an expert with 25 years of experience advising clients on gas markets around the world, discusses these issues with Matt Brown.

January 2022 Arrow pointing right

20 January 2022

Carbon removal for a net zero world

In this webinar we discuss the scale of the challenge, the potential supply of removals in 2030, and some of the issues facing the public and private sector given the diversity of nature-based and tech-based removals. A must for anyone interested in the role carbon removal may play on the route to net zero.

October 2021 Arrow pointing right

12 October 2021

Nordic flexibility markets – Practical experience and lessons learned from Germany

Grid investments are not only costly but take time; therefore, power system operators across Europe are looking for alternative ways to tackle the immediate challenge. AFRY are joined by Hallstein Hagen (NODES), Henning Schuster (E-Bridge) and Bengt Johansson (Ellevio).

07 October 2021

Building biodiversity into business strategy

In this webinar, Dr. Sven Stadtmann introduces the main drivers of biodiversity loss and the key stakeholders involved in global conservation efforts. Sven also explores ideas on how to integrate biodiversity planning into corporate sustainability strategies and how the private sector can contribute to the sustainable management of biodiversity.

September 2021 Arrow pointing right

30 September 2021

Hydrogen: unlocking the potential for Sweden’s power, mobility and industry

In this webinar, AFRY examine the specific circumstances of the Swedish situation and explore some of the opportunities for large scale hydrogen projects such as HYBRIT and H2 Green Steel. How will Swedish infrastructure need to adapt to new hydrogen demand, and what does this mean for the deployment of new renewables capacity and the power and gas networks?  

23 September 2021

Grid digitalisation: Opportunities and pitfalls for efficient grid operations and development

AFRY present approaches for the identification of appropriate asset specific and best practice digitalisation strategies, whilst considering automation software solutions, data analytics and integration in the wider asset management platform.

22 September 2021

HVDC and FACTS: Enablers for the Clean Energy Transition

Mustafa Ibrahim, Stephen Woodhouse and Gabriel Olguin are joined by Magnus Olofsson (Downing Hydro) and Íris Baldursdóttir (ENTSO-E) to discuss the challenges to the operation, investments, and governance of the electricity market and the role of HVDC and FACTS devices from the clean energy perspective.

July 2021 Arrow pointing right

15 July 2021

Engineering Demand Management: Supporting your company to manage future wind engineering growth

Torsten Lach and Esa Holttinen present AFRY’s position on Engineering Demand Management, including the challenges faced by wind engineering organisations and a framework supporting project developers and engineering organisations to manage their future demand for wind engineering work.

8 July 2021

Market-based flexibility procurement for Nordic DSOs

Stian Blackstad Hackett presents the main results of a study on Nordic DSOs and market design options for procurement of flexibility.

June 2021 Arrow pointing right

30 June 2021

Hydrogen development in Europe and MENA region

John Williams, Miao (Amanda) Zhang and Stefano Andreola discuss the demand, supply, policy drivers, resources and costs involved.

10 June 2021

Decarbonisation in Spain: towards cheaper energy bills and higher investments

Francisco Laverón (Iberdrola) and Dorian de Kermadec, Senior Principal at AFRY Management Consulting, present the main findings of the joint report released in 2020, and provide comments in the case of Spain and on the results of the 2021 update.

April 2021 Arrow pointing right

29 April 2021

Renewable Electricity in CSEE – Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

Philip Gueorguiev, Philipp Ortmann and Yana Andrushko discuss CSEE’s renewable electricity development.

22 April 2021

The Role of Natural Gas in North American Markets

Claire Behrens, Peter Hubbard and Charles Merrick discuss the future of North American natural gas markets under AFRY's Central scenario to 2050.

March 2021 Arrow pointing right

18 March 2021

Waste to Energy: towards a sustainable future

Ali Lloyd (AFRY Management Consulting), Peter Kling and Helen Moon (AFRY Energy Division) consider the role of waste to energy in the clean energy transition

4 March 2021

Establishing the EU hydrogen backbone – Piccolo or Melchizedek?

Angus Paxton and Stefano Andreola discuss the next steps required to understand the hydrogen delivery system that Europe needs. They are joined by Dr. Matthias Deutsch from Agora Energiewende.

January 2021 Arrow pointing right

28 January 2021

The future of nuclear in energy and transport systems

Phil Hodges and Simon Wakter present AFRY’s position on nuclear and the role it will play in future energy and transport systems.

December 2020 Arrow pointing right

17 December 2020

Flexibility and the Italian electricity market’s future

Riccardo Siliprandi and Paolo Pacciarini discuss why flexibility is needed in the Italian electricity system and how it could be created.


10 December 2020

RES developers: time to invest in hydrogen?

Fleur Greetham and Thomas Weenink consider the issues affecting renewable developers in countries where hydrogen and RES are being developed, using the Netherlands as a case study.


3 December 2020

PJM and the impact of Pennsylvania’s carbon pricing

Claire Behrens, Ingolf Dorn and Filipe Sim-Sim discuss how Pennsylvania has come to join RGGI, the expected changes to PJM’s supply dynamics and the impact on the decarbonisation of PJM.

November 2020 Arrow pointing right

26 November 2020

Carbon offset market: fit for purpose?

Mostyn Brown and Stephen Woodhouse dive into the murky world of the voluntary carbon offset market, explaining how it works, key issues that must be resolved for the market to scale and how offsets fit into the wider corporate decarbonisation ecosystem.


12 November 2020

Artificial Intelligence in energy forecasting

Stephen Woodhouse and Dr. Jan Wierzba introduce AFRY's drag-and-drop interface which uses the latest deep learning techniques for energy forecasting.


5 November 2020

Towards a 100% renewable energy system

Matt Brown, Stephen Woodhouse and Mostyn Brown discuss the socio-technical transition required to reach a 100% renewable energy system.

October 2020 Arrow pointing right

29 October 2020

The Nordic electricity market and the increasing importance of location, location, location

Geir Brønmo and Kathrine Stene Bakke discuss the impact of the weather and the increasing importance of detailed modelling at price area level on the Nordic market.


22 October 2020

Operational efficiency and digitalisation in the energy sector

Andreas Buhlin and Peter K. Andersson present how AFRY Real Digital Twin is used in case studies from district heating plants, water treatment facilities and nuclear power plants.


13 October 2020

Where next for the EU ETS?

Gareth Davies and Alex Luta discuss the role of the EU ETS in supporting the European Commission’s 2030 climate target.


8 October 2020

Biogas incentives: the right focus?

Angus Paxton, Antonio Michelon and Martti Surakka discuss the potential for biogas production and how it might be suitably incentivised to deliver decarbonisation and sustainability.


1 October 2020

The Colombian electricity market: how could renewables mitigate El Niño’s impact?

Dorian de Kermadec and Julia Dupuy share their view of the Colombian market’s evolution and key learnings from our extensive modelling.

September 2020 Arrow pointing right

24 September 2020

Texas doldrum: weather variability in ERCOT market prices

Stuart Murray and Tom Williams discuss how recent weather driven variability and price risk are likely to remain key features in Texas’ largest electricity market.


17 September 2020

US offshore wind: poised for exponential growth

Claire Behrens, Brandon Hardman and Charles Merrick provide AFRY’s outlook for US offshore wind.


10 September 2020

The liberalisation of Israel's electricity market

Rodrigo Siliceo and Gauthier Le Traon consider the challenges and opportunities for Israel's electricity market.


3 September 2020

Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector: preventing accidents

Fredrik Hofflander shows how AI is being applied in the energy sector to prevent accidents effectively and efficiently.

August 2020 Arrow pointing right

20 August 2020

Climate change and the power sector: quantifying the impact

Claus Ghesla and Philipp Ortmann discuss the impact of climate change on European power markets to 2050.


6 August 2020

Utilities' digital transformation: a case study

Philipp Irschik joins Horst Dulle and Thomas Koller to discuss Energie Steiermark's digital transformation.

July 2020 Arrow pointing right

23 July 2020

The Indian power market: vision for 2030

Shweta Jadhav and Stephen Woodhouse consider India’s changing power mix and explore AFRY's vision of what a renewable-led market design could look like.


16 July 2020

The Iberian electricity market after COVID-19

Javier Revuelta and Angel Ballesteros take a close look at the Iberian electricity market, focussing on security of supply issues and the financial sustainability of the renewable sector.


9 July 2020

Renewable electricity in South Africa

Brendan Cronin and Alan Whitaker are joined by a panel of key industry players to discuss the prospects and challenges facing renewable electricity in South Africa.


2 July 2020

Coal to biomass conversions: context and opportunities

Pedro Campilho and Helge Barlen discuss future prospects for coal generation across EU countries, and how coal to biomass conversions could provide a route to decarbonisation.

June 2020 Arrow pointing right

25 June 2020

The key drivers of carbon prices

Dr Bradley Steel and Dr Mostyn Brown consider the key drivers impacting prices under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.


18 June 2020

A storm gathering? The future of energy markets and long-term contracts

AFRY and Clifford Chance explore the future of energy markets: what changes are likely, and what impact they could have on long-term contracts.


10 June 2020

Where are gas prices heading?

Antonio Michelon, Claire Behrens and Neil Semple discuss the variables determining the future of gas prices.


4 June 2020

The other crisis: climate policy and the energy system

Andy Houston and Alex Luta discuss how the pandemic has affected green ambitions and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).

May 2020 Arrow pointing right

28 May 2020

Digitalisation in the energy sector: uncovering hidden value in operations

Mikael Maasalo discusses the impact of digitalisation on energy companies’ operational development.


20 May 2020

Renewables in China: the road ahead

Christian Romig and Rob Lee explore recent developments in China and what the fundamentals suggest about the future outlook.


14 May 2020

E-mobility after COVID-19: challenges and opportunities

Benedikt Unger and Mark Richards are joined by Ian Johnston and Chris Darby to explore what lasting impact the pandemic and subsequent crisis could have on the e-mobility sector.


7 May 2020

How COVID-19 has changed forward power prices

Stephen Woodhouse, James Cox and Ovidiu Stoica explore how the forward electricity markets across Europe have evolved through the COVID-19 crisis using our BID3 fundamentals-based modelling.

April 2020 Arrow pointing right

30 April 2020

Decarbonisation of ports and ships

Kjetil Ingeberg and Paola Lualdi present AFRY’s view on the decarbonisation of the maritime sector and share their insights from recent analyses in the Nordics and South Europe.


23 April 2020

The Middle East electricity sector

The Middle East electricity sector is facing two challenges: coronavirus disruption and low oil prices. Brendan Cronin takes a closer look at what has changed, considers the ongoing impact, and discusses what the sector must do to adapt.


16 April 2020

Renewable energy in Southeast Asia

Matt Heling explores the current opportunities and challenges for renewable energy in the Southeast Asia region, and considers known or anticipated support/procurement programs, comparative economics, and regulatory and contractual considerations.


8 April 2020

Nordic and Baltic energy markets

Stephen Woodhouse and Henrik Tegnér discuss the immediate challenges and opportunities these markets face as they seek to achieve their long term environmental goals - whilst remaining cost competitive and with a secure and stable energy supply.


2 April 2020

Green hydrogen: what are the commercial issues?

John Williams discusses the commercial decisions these green hydrogen developers will face.

March 2020 Arrow pointing right

19 & 26 March 2020

Global disruption: the effect on European energy prices

Francesca Tedeschi and Nnamdi Ibeanu present the interlink between the affected global economy and the energy market in Europe, and release the results of our analysis.