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AFRY Management Consulting Energy Webinars

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Climate change and the power sector: quantifying the impact

On 20 August, Claus Ghesla and Philipp Ortmann will discuss the impact of climate change on European power markets to 2050.

Utilities’ digital transformation: a case study

On 6 August, Philipp Irschik will join Horst Dulle and Thomas Koller to discuss Energie Steiermark's digital transformation.

23 July 2020

The Indian power market: vision for 2030

Shweta Jadhav and Stephen Woodhouse consider India’s changing power mix and explore AFRY's vision of what a renewable-led market design could look like.


16 July 2020

The Iberian electricity market after COVID-19

Javier Revuelta and Angel Ballesteros take a close look at the Iberian electricity market, focussing on security of supply issues and the financial sustainability of the renewable sector.


9 July 2020

Renewable electricity in South Africa

Brendan Cronin and Alan Whitaker are joined by a panel of key industry players to discuss the prospects and challenges facing renewable electricity in South Africa.


2 July 2020

Coal to biomass conversions: context and opportunities

Pedro Campilho and Helge Barlen discuss future prospects for coal generation across EU countries, and how coal to biomass conversions could provide a route to decarbonisation.


25 June 2020

The key drivers of carbon prices

Dr Bradley Steel and Dr Mostyn Brown consider the key drivers impacting prices under the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme.


18 June 2020

A storm gathering? The future of energy markets and long-term contracts

AFRY and Clifford Chance explore the future of energy markets: what changes are likely, and what impact they could have on long-term contracts.


10 June 2020

Where are gas prices heading?

Antonio Michelon, Claire Behrens and Neil Semple discuss the variables determining the future of gas prices.


4 June 2020

The other crisis: climate policy and the energy system

Andy Houston and Alex Luta discuss how the pandemic has affected green ambitions and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).


28 May 2020

Digitalisation in the energy sector: uncovering hidden value in operations

Mikael Maasalo discusses the impact of digitalisation on energy companies’ operational development.


20 May 2020

Renewables in China: the road ahead

Christian Romig and Rob Lee explore recent developments in China and what the fundamentals suggest about the future outlook.


14 May 2020

E-mobility after COVID-19: challenges and opportunities 

Benedikt Unger and Mark Richards are joined by Ian Johnston and Chris Darby to explore what lasting impact the pandemic and subsequent crisis could have on the e-mobility sector.


7 May 2020 

How COVID-19 has changed forward power prices

Stephen Woodhouse, James Cox and Ovidiu Stoica explore how the forward electricity markets across Europe have evolved through the COVID-19 crisis using our BID3 fundamentals-based modelling.


30 April 2020

Decarbonisation of ports and ships

Kjetil Ingeberg and Paola Lualdi present AFRY’s view on the decarbonisation of the maritime sector and share their insights from recent analyses in the Nordics and South Europe.


23 April 2020

The Middle East electricity sector

The Middle East electricity sector is facing two challenges: coronavirus disruption and low oil prices. Brendan Cronin takes a closer look at what has changed, considers the ongoing impact, and discusses what the sector must do to adapt.


16 April 2020

Renewable energy in Southeast Asia

Matt Heling explores the current opportunities and challenges for renewable energy in the Southeast Asia region, and considers known or anticipated support/procurement programs, comparative economics, and regulatory and contractual considerations.


8 April 2020

Nordic and Baltic energy markets

Stephen Woodhouse and Henrik Tegnér discuss the immediate challenges and opportunities these markets face as they seek to achieve their long term environmental goals - whilst remaining cost competitive and with a secure and stable energy supply.


2 April 2020

Green hydrogen: what are the commercial issues?

John Williams discusses the commercial decisions these green hydrogen developers will face.


19 & 26 March 2020

Global disruption: the effect on European energy prices

Francesca Tedeschi and Nnamdi Ibeanu present the interlink between the affected global economy and the energy market in Europe, and release the results of our analysis.

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