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Flexibility and the Italian electricity market’s future



In Italy the energy transition has already begun and will continue to be driven by ambitious national and European targets. The resulting increase in renewable generation will create new challenges for the Italian electricity system.

The increasing disparity between demand and generation will make greater flexibility essential for the electricity system to be managed safely. This will create opportunities for existing and new technologies, as well as new business models – but a definitive answer remains to be seen.

In this webinar, Antonio Michelon, Riccardo Siliprandi and Paolo Pacciarini discuss why flexibility is needed in the Italian electricity system and how it could be created.

The slide pack and recording are below.

wind farm turbines electricity

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Antonio Michelon

Director, AFRY Management Consulting

Riccardo Siliprandi

Principal, AFRY Management Consulting

Paolo Pacciarini

Senior Consultant, AFRY Management Consulting
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