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Nuclear Operation & Maintenance

Supporting the continued operation of nuclear assets with many successful long term relationships

We recognise that during the operation of nuclear power plants and facilities, there will be a need for justification of continued operation, plant modifications and operational changes driven by regulatory, environmental and commercial requirements.

Our experience in support of asset operation is a wide ranging one, beginning with the design of plant upgrades, all the way to the safety justification of plant operation beyond their current licensed period. Our experience also covers nuclear power plants and research reactors, as well as research, fuel cycle and waste management facilities.

Various techniques have been utilised to support power upgrades and to optimise plant maintenance and operational management. These techniques have included Probabilistic Safety Assessment and the development of risk management tools. Our design capability utilizes the latest 3D CAD packages.


  • Organisation review and design
  • Operational optimization studies
  • Engineering and supervision of back-fitting/upgrades
  • Preparation of component and equipment specifications
  • Power up rate studies
  • Core and fuel design
  • Alternative fuel studies
  • Life extension studies
  • Ageing management and maintenance support
  • Security of facility
  • Deterministic safety assessment
  • Probabilistic safety assessment
  • Preparation of safety reviews
  • Safety assessment & licensing support
  • Updating operational manual and safety report
  • Analysis of incidents and safety management
  • Training activities & programmes, testing simulators
  • Emergency planning and preparedness
  • Waste characterisation & inventory studies
  • Consulting to lenders

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