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Curious about modelling, simulation and emulation?

AFRY and Siemens explain how it all connects

Shortened time-to-market, cost reduction, higher quality and increased flexibility to adapt to market changes are some generic examples of benefits that digital technologies will give us. One of these technologies is digital twins, which helps industrial companies to take the next step in their digital journey.

Digitisation is today a decisive factor for the continued development of industry efficiency. However, the ability of actors to adapt to the new technology differs when it comes to meeting requirements, ranging from environmental to production and cost requirements.

“Real Digital Twin is the digitalisation key enabler to start the digital journey and connect to the digital thread”, says Andreas Buhlin, Head of Development RVC Digitalisation at AFRY.

Digital twins are mostly referred to as the virtual replica of planned or existing physical assets, be it a product, a machine, a process, or even an entire factory throughout its whole life cycle. It allows to fully stress test and optimise production processes virtually, and trustfully apply the outcome of the physical production setup.

AFRY and Siemens cooperate within industrial digitalisation and develop products for digital twins, emulated/simulated. In this white paper, AFRY and Siemens explain how to address digitalisation, the concept of digital twins, and how to address the overall challenge of digitalisation for the industry.

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Head of Development RDT Digitalisation

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