Cross section view of plan for a nuclear power plant

Advanced Modular Reactors (AMR) & Small Modular Reactors (SMR)

Providing expert insight to successful Advanced Modular Reactor and Small Modular Reactor projects

AFRY's nuclear consultants provide the full suite of expert technical and commercial services required to develop and deliver technically and economically successful Advanced Modular Reactor and Small Modular Reactor projects.

AFRY is involved in a number of new AMR/SMR developments, working for potential vendors, owners and operators.

We support and provide solutions to our clients who are faced with economic challenges relating to cost competitiveness of nuclear energy, requirements for strict safety measures, and requirements for robust waste management processes and procedures.

Our clean energy solutions

  • Linking complimentary technologies such as Hydrogen, Heat Networks, Carbon Capture, which help to support the AMR/SMR business model, with our core nuclear competence
  • Employing world-leading experts with experience in a variety of international and local regulation, licencing, codes and standards
  • Employing Best Available Techniques during all stages of the nuclear life-cycle, including nuclear waste management.
Close up view of fuel rod bundle for a nuclear reactor
Fuel rod assembly

Our services and expertise for New Nuclear

  • Roadmap to nuclear and feasibility study
  • Site selection, evaluation and characterization (preparation or review)
  • Feasibility studies, optioneering and selection of technology
  • Design review and preparation (concept, basic and detail): design development (client’s scope) and integration with EPC design (EPC scope)
  • Construction, cost and Human Resource planning
  • Regional and local supply chain evaluation and qualification
  • Assessment of design, safety and licensing documents
  • Fuel cycle considerations (including interim storage, final repository, re-processing, "lease" of fuel etc.)
  • Tender documents and EPC contracting (utility requirements, review, independent cost evaluation, tariffs etc.)
  • Contracting (EPC, Fuel, PPA etc.)
  • Procurement engineering
  • Due Diligence
  • Project management and management consulting: requirements preparation and management; set-up of client organization (structure, processes, QM, etc.); project set-up (requirements, quality, standards, risk management etc.); support interface with the EPC on all levels (technical, project, top level)
  • Independent training of personnel
  • Support gaining acceptance in international nuclear community and IAEA
  • Supply chain management and procurement logistic support
  • Construction management and supervision
  • QMS/QC services
  • Support plant start-up, commissioning and plant turnover acceptance test support
Nuclear power plant with two steaming cooling towers in a blue sky.

The future of nuclear in energy and transport systems

On 28 January 2021, Phil Hodges and Simon Wakter presented AFRY’s position on nuclear technology and the role it will play in future energy and transport systems.

What are the advantages of AFRY?

AFRY has numerous long-standing clients in the large-scale nuclear business, demonstrating the quality of our work and trust in our people.

  • We offer a client focussed approach, tailored to fit local conditions, environment and stakeholders.
  • AFRY’s expertise in a variety of complementary technologies enables clients to enjoy a one-stop-shop for project development and implementation which improves efficiency, reduces interfaces during design and improves the overall success of the project.
  • We have significant resource with experience in international new build projects and have access to international markets.
  • We understand the various and significant challenges associated with development of nuclear programmes and have experience overcoming these with our clients and partners.
Phil Hodges - Business Unit Manager, Nuclear, UK (covering Nuclear, Thermal Heat and Power and Renewables)
Phil Hodges
Business Unit Manager, Nuclear, UK (covering Nuclear, Thermal Heat and Power and Renewables)

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