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In pursuit of the perfect balance between user experience and optimized energy consumption Liquid Light was born.

Liquid Light is a design concept that brings light to life and improves our surroundings visually. The lighting adapts to the users and creates a visual environment with its own unique expression. With Liquid Light we optimise the quality of light and reduce energy consumption.  

Technically, Liquid Light consists of real-time data harvested from different sensors detecting natural phenomena. For instance, infrared sensors detect heat, while acoustic detectors respond to sound frequencies, and motion sensors detect movement. This data is then interpreted and transformed into light scenarios dynamically changing and adapting to its milieu and the people using the space.

“With a Liquid Light solution, a static office building comes to life as the light moves around from area to area. From the outside, you will see the flow of light like the pulse of the building - with a heavier pulse during the day as the movements inside become dense during work hours, and when the movements decrease in the afternoon and at night the pulse softens”, explains Morten Jensen, Light Bureau's Country Manager in Norway.

Liquid Light will always be a unique and contextualized lighting solution because the light scenarios are determined by local data input. Directed by these exterior variables, the lighting leads a life of its own in near resemblance with our natural surroundings.

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Lighting for People

People become alert and feel comfortable in a space when the lighting harmonises with their tasks or location. Therefore we make use of sensors that detect movements which triggers the lighting to seamlessly change and adapt accordingly. Liquid Light consists of the following five elements, representing essential characteristics of light in relation to human perception and behaviour:

  • Place: Lighting which dynamically facilitate accessibility and human activity.
  • Surroundings: Lighting which defines space and creates a visual background.
  • People: Lighting that ensures a customized ambience and invites to social interaction and conversation.
  • Joy: Lighting which adds a joyful experience through visual stimuli for the user.
  • Sustainability – Lighting that guarantees to meet the highest energy standards suitable to match the needs of people in modern society.

Liquid Light is designed to dynamically adapt and follow each person as he or she moves around, which creates a sense of well-being and improves our perception.

Energy Optimization

Even though lighting is not the most energy consuming technical installation in a building, it is the most visible as twilight falls. For instance, when you pass through a business area at late night, you will not take notice of the energy utilized to heat or ventilate an empty office building, however you will easily notice the waste of lighting being poured into the empty spaces. This highly visible waste of energy is likely to affect the brand and identity of a company in a negative way.

We challenge the recommended lux levels with a flow of light that follows a sine curve with different speeds and heights. The lux level peaks, as the light levels go up, and dip down, as the light levels lowers. Due to this dynamic flow of light, the combined lux levels remain low whilst fulfilling the requirements. The end result is thus a guaranteed energy saving.

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Morten Jensen

Director Light Bureau in Norway

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