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AFRY is developing the next generation of computer modelling solutions

Our world is a complicated place. A never-ending network of systems, constantly changing and interacting. So, what can we do to understand the processes at work, to determine what factors are important, or even to predict the future?

Computer simulation helps to see the big picture, to simplify the complex, and to develop practicable solutions. At AFRY we have been working to make it easier than ever to use computer processing power to better understand a part of your world.

Our goal is to create solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges by using technology. At AFRY we are creating cutting-edge computer modeling tools that make it easy to simulate complicated processes and handle millions of points of data.

AFRY’s Ecolego software is a simple-to-use yet powerful and flexible tool for creating dynamic models and performing deterministic or probabilistic simulations. Complex dynamic systems that evolve over time can be simulated with any number of inputs, factors, and scenarios, such as when conducting risk assessments. A sensitivity analysis toolbox is also available, allowing the user to test the influence and importance of each factor on the outcome of an assessment.

Our newest update, Ecolego version 8, includes new editing, import, and export features to make building and running models even easier.

Ecolego’s modular modeling system means that models (or parts of models) can be combined or removed as needed, optimising the complexity and efficiency of calculations, and simplifying future model development.

Models are presented in matrix and graph formats to visualise even complex models. Following the simulation, the tool automatically generates tables and charts of all data and results.

Built-in database support permits the easy and reliable handling of data. Specialised databases and other add-ons are available for specific uses, e.g. radiological risk assessment. Built-in quality-assurance and quality-control tools ensure robust and reliable assessments.

Ecolego has been tried and proven in nuclear, mining, and contaminated-land sectors, but its features could be applicable to a wide variety of uses, from meteorology to systems-analysis, finance to engineering.

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