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AFRY participates in world's largest cyber defence exercise

Locked Sheilds, Foto: Försvarshögskolan/Anders G Warne
Foto: Försvarshögskolan/Anders G Warne

Contributes with expertise in SCADA / ICS, web security and staff management

On April 10-11 2019, AFRY participates in the world's largest cyber defense exercise, Locked Shields. The exercise is organized by the NATO Cooperative Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence in Estonia and engages around 1,000 people in teams from 23 countries. The purpose is to give cyber security experts the opportunity to develop their capabilities and to, in a real-life environment, practice defending IT systems and critical infrastructure.

AFRY is part of the Swedish team, which from the Swedish Defense University in Stockholm defends IT systems, regulation and control systems as well as networks and services against massive cyber attacks.

“AFRY participates in Locked Shields as a part of our skills development in the cyber field and to demonstrate the importance of AFRY and society constantly developing their ability to meet the cyber threats. There is a constant - and gradually rising - cyber threat to society and its actors, both private and public. This is ongoing and can be conducted by both private and state actors, depending on the scenario. The fact that society improves its ability to meet these threats is of course of immense importance and needs are great, ”says Erik Heilborn, Business Area Manager, Systems Management at AFRY.


In the Swedish team, which consists of 50 people, staff from several authorities and companies participate. Among others, FOI, the Swedish Armed Forces, MSB, the Police, ROMAB, Netnod and Saab. From AFRY, Christer Andersson Stål, Andreas Gjelsen, Imre Juhasz and Daniel Vikström participate, who will help the Swedish team with competencies in SCADA / ICS, web security and staff service.

“AFRY has expertise in this area and we continue to develop and expand this expertise. Our participation in Locked Shields is part of that effort, where some of our top experts get to train and meet colleagues from other organizations. AFRY's team was invited to participate by the Swedish DEfence University as part of our collaboration with them. The awareness of increasing Sweden's ability in the field of cyber security is great, both within the Armed Forces, the other public sector and the business community. AFRY will be able to play an important role in this capacity increase, ”says Erik Heilborn.

Filip Enander - Business Unit Manager Cyber Security

Filip Enander

Business Unit Manager Cyber Security

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