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AFRY receives accreditation for welding work

The AFRY Qualification Centre has been accredited by SWEDAC as an inspection body according to the international standard SS-EN ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for the issuing of welding procedures. In addition, the centre can provide personal certification to all standards in the ISO 9606 series, Rail TDOK 2014:0587, and solder testing to ISO 13585 and ISO 14732 for operators. Thus, they now have a full range of accredited services to meet the welding needs of their customers.
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Accreditation is proof that your organisation has undergone a detailed assessment by Swedac, Sweden's national accreditation body.

It is an official recognition that the organisation has the necessary competence according to a defined standard.

To ensure the quality and safety of welded products and services, an accredited inspection body must be able to demonstrate the availability of qualified personnel,

appropriate methods, documented procedures and traceability of inspection results. Fulfilling these requirements requires time,

knowledge and dedication, so the road to accreditation can be a long one.

So it is very pleasing that we are now all set up and can fully concentrate on offering and providing our customers with what they need.

says Per Händemark, Head of Qualification Center, and continues:

Revising our processes and procedures has helped us to become an even more cohesive team. Everyone has been involved in developing the descriptions and current processes in an endeavour to achieve our goals. The accreditations we have received are proof that we are conducting our activities correctly and at a quality assured level.

The Qualification Center is part of the AFRY Testing and Qualification Center

The AFRY Testing and Qualification Center consists of two separate units, but they work very closely together. The Testing Center performs testing and inspection services, while the Qualification Center certifies welders and welding procedures.

The certification process involves various types of physical tests, which the Qualification Center then orders from the Test Center, resulting in excellent synergies.
Test Center, operating for over 30 years, is a qualified and accredited testing company offering testing and inspection services. They test clients' components, products or systems using a variety of techniques and over the years have expanded their offerings and expertise to include non-destructive testing and material testing related to welded joints, among others.


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Unique due to its own test laboratory and dispersed expertise

Both facilities are located in Borlänge. The Qualification Center also has welding inspectors throughout the country ready to help, which means that they can offer their services throughout Sweden from north to south. The Center is also unique in that it is literally next door to the testing laboratory of the Testing Center where the weld samples are sent, so the procedure itself is quick and takes little time.

The Qualification Center can also offer the Weldward digital package service, which makes the daily lives of those responsible for welding easier and allows them to control welding-related documentation developed by AFRY.

Read more about Weldward.


The Test and Qualification Center is now able to offer customers a complete package of services, which has been incredibly long awaited and in demand. Everyone in the team has been working very hard and preparing for the launch, and the day has come!

 - concludes Malin Kämpe, Head of Testing and Qualification Centre at AFRY.

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AFRY's accredited services

Within AFRY, the Test & Qualification Center conducts accredited activities as independent and impartial services within both testing and certification linked to special regulations and standards.

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Per Händemark - Manager of certifications within Qualification Center

Per Händemark

Manager of certifications within Qualification Center

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