Empowering the sustainability transition - Jervois’ cobalt refinery in the United States

Jervois has strategic plans underway to establish a cobalt refinery within the United States, with an ongoing process to select the ideal refinery site.

AFRY provides the basic engineering and bankable feasibility study for Jervois’ planned cobalt refinery. Jervois Global Limited is an Australian-based leading cobalt company.

Cobalt is a critical mineral as declared by the U.S. Government due to cobalt’s importance in the energy transition and national security applications. To meet the increased demand, especially in the battery sector, Jervois is planning to a build cobalt refinery in the U.S., where a refinery site selection process is ongoing. The United States has no operating cobalt refineries today.

AFRY is dedicated to upholding responsible mining and metals industry principles while leveraging cutting-edge technologies. This commitment allows us to effectively assist Jervois in its ambitious environmental and sustainability goals. AFRY provides basic engineering and bankable feasibility study for the planned cobalt refinery.

Basic Engineering (BE) and a bankable feasibility study (BFS) scope is a 6,000 metric tonnes per annum (“mtpa”) greenfield U.S. refinery. The expected BFS completion schedule will be available upon a final location decision. The refinery feed is expected to be based on approximately 20% recycled cobalt, largely in closed-loop recycling whereby cobalt material used by customers is returned to Jervois for reprocessing.

Jervois is pleased to work with AFRY on a cobalt refinery BFS, which is fully funded by the U.S. Government. Once financed and constructed the facility will produce cobalt in sulphate form, suitable for use in America’s automotive industry, and will contribute to underpin its transition to high performance, safe electric vehicles.

Bryce Crocker, Chief Executive Officer at Jervois Global Limited.

Jervois Finland Oy, a subsidiary of Australian Jervois Global Limited, is a leading supplier of high-quality cobalt-based products including advanced cobalt chemicals and powders, including sulphate, and has historically also produced pCAMs (pre-cursor cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries). With more than 50 years of experience in cobalt chemicals production, Jervois Finland Oy has a demonstrated track record in environmental stewardship, sustainability, and responsible sourcing. AFRY is delivering services for the Jervois Finland cobalt refinery expansion project.

We are honored to partner with Jervois in this project to establish cobalt refining in the United States, where cobalt plays a significant role in various sustainable applications. AFRY is committed to adhering to responsible mining and metals industry principles and leveraging the best available technologies, enabling us to support Jervois in meeting and surpassing their ambitious environmental and sustainability goals.

John Boettcher, AFRY’s Head of Process Industries in the United States


Trucks in a mining site

Project: Cobalt refinery project

Client name: Jervois

Project location: United States

Project duration: 2023-2024

AFRY Scope of Services delivered: basic engineering and bankable feasibility study


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