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Mining and Metals engineering solutions

A wide range of engineering and consulting services for the mining and metals industry

Metals and minerals surround our everyday life, from wiring, piping, appliances, and cellphones to the medications we take and the pavement we walk on. AFRY's offering for mining & metals sector covers the whole value chain of the sector including Mining Mineral processing, Metal industry.

Mining is a key enabler for the clean energy transition

Apart from contributing to the fundamentals of our everyday lives and the general economic growth, the mining and metals industry is essential to the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future and to climate change mitigation. Minerals and metals are critical components in a wide variety of clean energy technologies, from wind turbines, nuclear power, and solar panels to electric vehicles and battery storage. Going forward, our reliance on metals and minerals is not declining; on the opposite, it is rapidly increasing.

Helping clients to shape their ideas into sound solutions

AFRY offers reliable expert advice and technical support at all phases of business operations, assisting clients in meeting their project profitability and sustainability goals. We deliver a full range of consulting and engineering services to help mining and metals companies in shaping and developing their ideas and concepts into technically, financially and environmentally sound solutions. Through the AFRY groupwide offering our clients also gain access to a portfolio of cross-sector consulting and technical services covering environment, infrastructure, industry, and energy, which are critical to all industrial projects. We have around 1000 professionals across all AFRY divisions working full-time on worldwide mining and metals projects.

Assessing environmental impact and social risks

Mining companies face some of the highest ESG risks of all industries. At AFRY, we are experts in evaluating how your project affects and is affected by environmental and social factors. We offer a diverse range of environmental services for the mine sites and mining projects, including also mine closure plans. Stakeholder engagement from very early stages is especially important in the mining industry because of the immediate contact to and impact on local communities through the usage of resources such as water, energy, and land. An Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) is a key step in every project development for evaluating, predicting and addressing potential environmental and social impacts as well as regulatory constraints. AFRY helps implement permitting strategies, development schedules, as well as mitigation and management plans. That way, we ensure that our clients comply with applicable environmental, social and ethical standards throughout the life cycle of the mining operations.

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AFRY is committed to sustainable and responsible mining practices

AFRY is committed to following sustainable and responsible mining and metals industry principles targeting to minimise negative environmental, social, and economic impacts associated with mining and minerals processing activities. This promotes resource efficiency, minimising waste, and embracing recycling and circular solutions.

Opportunities to increase resource efficiency and sustainable solutions

We use our engineering ability to design and optimise technical processes across the lifetime of mining and metals operations to decrease emissions, reduce the CO2 footprint, and increase overall efficiency and sustainability. For each one-of-a-kind process we develop, we assess alternatives and possibilities from the best available technologies, or beyond, and are not limited to any single supplier or technology.

Understanding the interlinkages between process design and environmental performance is at our core. We pay close attention to process optimisation, water management, and efficient use of energy and resources.

Recycling of many critical minerals and precious metals is still in its early phases and it is vital to change current practices and develop recycling technologies. However, even if we were able to recycle 100 percent of the minerals and metals extracted, this would not be enough to meet future material needs, and mining for virgin raw materials remains necessary to meet society's rising need.

Reducing waste and implementing circular solutions

A transition to more circular material flows in mining and metals needs to take place and the industry has several opportunities to increase resource efficiency. AFRY is committed to identifying and developing technological solutions that result in more effective recycling operations, waste reduction and elimination, and repurposing waste streams into new products.  

Circular economy in mining and metals
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Providing comprehensive support across the entire Battery sector Value Chain

Our cross-sector competence covers the entire value chain of the battery sector, from ore mining to battery recycling. This enables us to provide extensive support throughout the entire project lifecycle, including initial concept and feasibility studies, as well as operational assistance for existing facilities.


Collaborative capabilities building on a strong Nordic engineering heritage

We have a strong Nordic engineering heritage: Building on three decades of project design and implementation expertise in mining, mineral processing, and metallurgical projects around the world. As engineers and consultants, we accelerate the transition towards future mining & metals. We commit ourselves to high standards, promote an open and transparent working culture, and are proud of our diverse expertise.

Through the AFRY groupwide offering our clients gain access to a portfolio of cross-sector consulting and technical services covering environment, infrastructure, industry, and energy and digital solutions.

Our key competencies for mining and metals are:

  • Feasibility studies with various CAPEX and OPEX accuracies
  • ESIA services supporting project permitting
  • Digital solutions for smart operations & maintenance
  • Health, safety, and environmental studies
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Mine and process design, multi disciplinary engineering services
  • EPCM (engineering, procurement, and construction management) services
  • Project management
  • Technical consulting, Management consulting services, including technical due diligence studies and process and productivity optimisation
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Mining and Metals in our everyday lives


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Janne Tikka - Head of Mining & Metals
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Head of Mining & Metals

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