HPP Babino Selo

HPP Babino Selo Feasibility Study and Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

A full feasibility study including an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) in line with EU standards

and requirements and investigative analysis for HPP Babino Selo project

The project is located near the town of Donji Vakuf, on Vrbas river, one of the most important tributaries of Sava river. In accordance with EBRD procedures, the project is categorized as A level, requiring an international ESIA study, information disclosure and public consultations to be carried out in line with EU EIA Directive and EBRDs Environmental and Social Policy Performance Requirements (PR) 1 and 10.

Project Impact

Both, the Feasibility Study and the integral ESIA prepared by AFRY meet national and international standards. Best practices in HP development are taken into account. The project is closely linked to the electricity development plans for promotion of renewable energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Facts to Project

Client: JP Elektroprivreda, Sarajevo


  • Environmental and Scoping Study (ESSS)
  • Identification of potential significant environmental and social impacts
  • Environmental and social management and monitoring plan (ESMP)
  • Inform the public about the proposed project and ensure effective participation
  • Preparation of Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP)
  • Consideration of environmental and social factors for the construction of the HPP

Project period: 2015 - 2016

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Herbert Weilguni - Limnology, Ecology, Environment, Water Quality, Operative SGU
Herbert Weilguni
Limnology, Ecology, Environment, Water Quality, Operative SGU

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