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AFRY Digital Use Case Approach

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Leverage the benefits of digital improvements and have your digitalisation efforts guided

AFRY Digital Use Case Approach helps companies to leverage the benefits of digital improvements and guides digitalisation efforts.

Digitalisation offers significant advantages, such as increased process efficiency, higher quality outcomes, new business models and opportunities for growth. Yet lack of transparency can make it challenging for executives to identify, track and control large numbers of different digitalisation activities within their organisation.

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Infographic of the AFRY Digital Use Cases Approach
The AFRY Digital Use Case Approach

AFRY Digital Use Case Approach delivers clear tracking and control, enabling easy prioritisation, informed resource allocation and processes that support sharing activities internally and externally. Our platform is a web application that supports visualisation, tracking and sharing of initiatives throughout the organisation and beyond:

  • develop and describe their digitalisation idea and let it flourish
  • keep track of the implementation status, progress and outcome of every Digital Use Case
  • navigate and discover Digital Use Cases from various entities
  • find ideas and initiatives with an advanced search option
  • maintain strict control over access to information both internally and externally

Assisted by AFRY Management Consultants, clients identify digital use cases that best suit their organisation’s needs and strategic priorities. Our experts engage the entire organisation to identify and manage new digitalisation initiatives.

Tracking progress against objectives accelerates transformation progress and facilitates collaboration within and beyond organisational boundaries. Our platform supports the entire process, from first inspiration, through implementation, to evaluation of outcomes.

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AFRY Digital Use Case Approach enables companies to coordinate digital transformation in line with strategic priorities, empowering organisations to:

  • rapidly realise a defined number of selected digital use cases within one year
  • enhance digital competence of divisions and employees
  • improve transparency, communication and collaboration
  • foster synergies between digitalisation initiatives within the organization and with external partners
  • identify and learn about digitalisation initiatives from other organisations
  • communicate the entire process throughout the organization, as well as with key external stakeholders

All information on your company’s digital transformation in one place

Sort, group and view Digital Use Cases according to multiple criteria.

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Intuitive design provides an overview at a glance

Group the Digital Use Cases along industry-specific indicators and according to their implementation status. Digital Use Cases are visualised across two dimensions to show you the big picture.

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AFRY Digital Use Case Approach provides the perfect structure for all aspects of a digital use case

Describe the idea, set responsibilities, reflect the results, plan the necessary milestones and define a schedule for successful implementation, all in one platform.

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Keep track of status updates for each of the use cases

Define milestones, monitor your budget limitations and plan your next implementations steps with the status overview feature.

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Track the performance of your digital use cases using Key Performance Indicators

Digitalisation is not performed for its own sake but to achieve tangible, precisely defined goals - we track these goals using KPIs. The platform offers several ways of comparing progress and achievements of internal and external digital use cases. 

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Customisable reports give the most relevant information with one click

Integrated features allow the automatic creation of status reports for comparison, evaluation and integration with Microsoft Excel.

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Download the AFRY Digital Use Case Approach flyer


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Horst Dulle - Director, Management Consulting, Energy Consulting, Austria
Horst Dulle
Director, Management Consulting, Energy Consulting, Austria

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