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AFRY Smart Forestry Planner

Ensure continuous profitability by optimising your forest management

Optimise your long-term and short-term harvest schedules and other forest operations with AFRY Smart Forestry Planner.

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AFRY Smart Forestry Planner is a reliable forestry decision support and optimisation tool for executing sustainable forest management activities.

Merge lifecycle forest management planning with sustainability

When forest managers or forest owners need to prepare for any upcoming forest operations, they can make use of Planner to consider various aspects of the forest. These include the tree species mixture per forest stand, stand age, and social aspects, among other factors.

Whether you’re a forest manager or forest owner, you can create sustainable forest management scenarios for your forest operations using Planner's strategic and tactical forest optimisation models. These scenarios allow you to find and prepare the optimal solutions for both your long-term strategic objectives and short-term tactical execution. Environmental and social values related to the forest are also incorporated into the scenario outcomes, letting you gauge the overall impact of your forest activities.

Guidance towards more efficient forest strategies and forest planning

Planner provides you with comprehensive decision support through easy-to-use lifecycle forest management planning tools. These tools assist you in your forest planning efforts in the following ways:

  • Optimise your forest strategy and ensure its sustainability
  • Compare alternative forest management scenarios, understand their trade-offs and make educated decisions
  • Bring your strategic goals into practice using built-in tactical and operational optimisation models
  • Model the financial value of any forest asset
  • Analyse the climate impact of your wood supply chain and include biodiversity aspects and ecosystem services in your decision-making


Optimise your forest management activities and strategy

Better understanding the impacts of your forest management decisions and possible changes in the business environment through scenario analysis is key to the sustainable use of forests while balancing the trade-offs.

AFRY Smart Forestry Planner allows you to align your forest management strategy with your objectives and values.

A strategic forest management plan provides a clear understanding of forest growth, long-term wood supply and wood flows, as well as silviculture and reforestation needs caused by forest development and natural disturbances.

With AFRY Smart Forestry Planner, you can also optimise your day-to-day forest operations and forest activities in more detail.

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Control the wood flow and supply chain

Bridging the gap between your strategic goals and daily work can be done by generating cost-efficient and operationally feasible harvest schedules with Planner's spatial optimisation model.

By controlling the flow of wood and other forest resources to the mills with built-in forest haulage and logistics optimisation, you can improve the transparency of your wood supply chain, whether we are talking about boreal forests, forest plantations, or another forest type.

To get started, you can either use your most recent forest inventory data, produce up-to-date data with a third-party operator, or utilise national forest inventory data in countries where such information is available.

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Analyse the value of forest areas

With AFRY Smart Forestry Planner, you can create in-depth analyses of the forest value components, including carbon crediting as well as biodiversity aspects and related values.

Smart Forestry Planner gives you a consistent, transparent and scalable approach to forest valuations. You can analyse various wood flow and business environment scenarios and identify their impacts on forest value, for example, for accounting purposes and in forest transactions.

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Understand the climate impact of your forest management

AFRY Smart Forestry Planner includes a comprehensive and transparent model to capture the real climate impacts of forest management.

The model allows credible, systematic and continuous reporting of climate impacts, such as how much the forest trees and soil store carbon and the greenhouse gas emissions caused by forest management practices. This is a prerequisite for transparent communication and accountability of sustainability statements and claims to comply with relevant laws and international guidelines.

AFRY Smart Forestry Planner offers easy-to-use tools for modelling the climate impacts of the whole forest product value chain, all the way from the forest area to end-use forest products.

A chart showing different scenarios of forest carbon stock development.
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AFRY Smart Forestry products for better decisions

Enhance collaboration, streamline forest planning processes, and facilitate informed decisions to meet your performance targets with greater efficiency and reduced risk. Planner empowers you to optimise forest operations, ensuring a perfect blend of sustainability and operational effectiveness.

Take your first step towards efficient forest operations and strategies, lifecycle forest management planning and truly sustainable forest management by booking a meeting with us from the button below!
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Your forest operations in one view

Planner offers agile decision support through an easy-to-understand user interface tailored for dynamic forestry and forest supply chain planning. Through data analytics and enhanced visibility into strategic forest planning, tactical harvest scheduling, and operational activities, our tools enable you to achieve the delicate balance between long-term forest sustainability and day-to-day operational efficiency.

Consolidating data, plans and insights into a unified interface, Planner enhances your forest operations planning. Through the browser-based application, you gain enhanced efficiency and can maximise margins by attaining visibility all the way from individual forest stands to mill across all operational planning and scheduling aspects.

Jussi Rasinmäki - Head of Smart Forestry
Jussi Rasinmäki
Head of Smart Forestry

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