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Renewable energy sources have grown to become a significant part of today’s energy mix, particularly in electricity generation.

AFRY's renewables team supports investors and other stakeholders in relation to all forms of renewable energy production.

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In recent years, renewable electricity has grown from a niche sector to a mainstream component of the generation mix, driven by renewables and climate change policies and associated subsidies. However support schemes are evolving, with the level of support declining and increasing exposure to electricity market risks. At the same time, falling technology costs raises the prospect that renewables can be deployed without subsidies for some technologies and geographies. Renewables have ‘come of age’ – exciting opportunities lie ahead but also potential pitfalls.

AFRY helps renewables operators and investors understand the market and regulatory risks for their projects. For example these include revenue ‘cannibalisation’ risks whereby increased wind or solar deployment suppresses prices on windy or sunny days. This may be to support investment decisions in financing or M&A transactions, or it may be more strategic advice. We also advise other stakeholders, including off-takers, policy makers, and regulators. Our particular expertise includes:

  • revenue projections for renewable electricity projects, for use in investment appraisal models;
  • commercial advice in relation to route-to-market, for example Power Purchase Agreements;
  • insights into policy direction and regulatory risks relating to renewables;
  • market strategy advice to renewables developers;
  • market due diligence in relation to renewables transactions; and
  • operational excellence.
AFRY Management Consulting has advised on 100 billion Euros worth of wind transactions since 2008
9 of the top 10 European renewables transactions in 2015 and 2016 benefited from AFRY's advice

AFRY is a future oriented company that always strives to deliver great result and keep their customers pleased.

Per-Arne Karlsson, Project Manager at Vattenfall Eldistribution


Ali Lloyd - Senior Principal, Renewables, AFRY Management Consulting
Ali Lloyd
Senior Principal, Renewables, AFRY Management Consulting

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