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Advisory Services

If your organisation are experiencing problems or unsatisfactory results it can be difficult to pinpoint the root causes of the problem, or actions needed for improvement. This can be done by performing health checks of the current state, investigations of the collaborations both internally and externally and create cross functional processes and cooperation. Deliverables from this type of service can be recommended action plans ready for launch, established S&OP processes and list of improvements and tools.

Often conducted in workshops in collaboration with both management and key staff to achieve best coverage of suggested solutions.

AFRY offers senior competence in these areas to pinpoint the actions your organisation will benefit from the most.

Our offering

  • Strategic SCM Health Check
  • Vision-to-Action Strategy
  • Strategic SCM Collaboration
  • Internal SCM Collaboration
  • Performance Management Design
  • S&OP Design and Implementation
  • Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Working Capital Reduction
Pär Ström
Business Unit Manager, Supply Chain Management

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