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Sludge and waste management

AFRY’s services in sludge and waste management

At AFRY, we use the latest methods to manage sludge, waste and emissions

Modern, recycling-based waste management tackles challenges involved in climate protection and resource efficiency. We help our clients to apply also the new emerging and highly productive technologies for waste management, to cope with the increasing global demand for raw materials, recover energy from waste and contribute to climate protection. We have assisted clients in developing waste management and circular economy solutions and strategies, always taking into account the environment, local legislation and the client need.

When designing waste management facilities, we offer the complete range of services, from preliminary studies to detailed design and the start of operation. It is our aim to always consider the best ratio of technological, cost and resource efficiency, as well as optimised operational and financing models.

We know very well the sludge management processes of wastewater treatment plants. We can support our clients when it comes to biogas plants, biowaste collection systems, biowaste digestion, sludge strategies

Energy & Resource Recovery from Waste

Performance of Plants & Technologies

Waste Management Concepts & Strategies

Waste Analyses, Surveys & Inventories

Off Gas and Odour and Air Treatment 

Examples of services:

  • Support of authorities and operators in setting up effective organisational units
  • Planning, design, layout of waste treatment facilities
  • Composting and anaerobic digestion
  • Mechanical-biological waste treatment
  • Refuse derived fuel and recycling
  • Studies on technology and plant performance
  • Identification of optimisation potentials for plants and processes
  • Adaptation of plants and processes to new framework requirements
  • Preparation of waste management concepts and strategies
  • Assessment of climate impact and energy recovery potentials of waste management
  • Waste analyses and inventories
  • Emission surveys of plants and processes
  • Waste quantity and quality development scenarios


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Ingmari Holmsten

Consultant, Water Sweden

Dirk Koepke

Section Head, Water, Essen, Germany

Reijo Kuivamäki

Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

Martijn van Praagh

R & D Manager, Environment Sweden