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Stormwater management and flood protection

AFRY’s services in stormwater management and flood protection

At AFRY, we know how to manage stormwater and prevent floods

A multitude of urban areas in different parts of the globe have become victims of severe flooding in recent years. To cope with climate change, municipalities and industries need to increase their resilience for stormwater and floods. Moreover, the legislation for stormwater management is constantly developing, and is setting new requirements for municipalities. Our expertise has been tested in various countries and our clients can rely on our top-class expertise.

Stormwater management

With growing cities and the ongoing climate change it is important that we decrease the negative impact on our environment. Stormwater management has a key role in the development of the sustainable city. Good stormwater management has the potential to reduce the risk and impact of flooding and improve runoff quality. It is also important to clarify the jurisdiction over stormwater management systems.

We create stormwater management and treatment plans for our client. This includes catchment area calculations, hydrological and natural inventory of small streams and wetland studies. We also help to define the responsibilities between water utilities and municipalities, and carry out evaluations of storm water fee.

Flood protection

We consider it a prerequisite of a good flood protection system to use a sensitive and holistic approach to the area requiring the protection. The first step of designing a flood protection system includes the acquisition of reliable hydraulic data. The flood protection system is then proposed for a level of a nominal flow increased by a safety freeboard. From the technical point of view, the flood protection is implemented by means of dikes, embankment walls and modern mobile barriers. Flood protection systems must incorporate requirements concerning environment and often encompasses protection of streams above the flood-prone area by making use of the existing overflow-lands and construction of flood release basins or retention reservoirs.

Our services cover, for instance:

  • Storm water management and treatment plans
  • Evaluations of influence areas of storm-water system
  • Risk assessments of floods, modelling of flood routes
  • Implementing plans for storm water management
  • Inspection and operational support
  • Hydraulic engineering related to:
    • dams and flood retention basins
    • Dikes, dams
    • Scoop and pumping stations
    • Ports and marinas
    • fish ladders
Reijo Kuivamäki - Head of Business Unit, Water Finland
Reijo Kuivamäki
Head of Business Unit, Water Finland

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