Ground investigations machinery and people in a city waterfront

Geotechnical Engineering

Ensuring a solid base for construction and development projects

It’s important to know what’s hiding under the surface. With reliable soil surveys it’s possible to build roads, bridges, railways and buildings based on a known set of ground rules.

The unfold of time has provoked our society to grow. Cities, infrastructures, industries and energy demands are expanding and inflating rapidly. A vast expanse of “good” land for construction has already been used. The surrounding land is more challenging, but society desires highly sustainable and sophisticated structures. Soil pollution, groundwater conditions, natural hazards and climate change are some aspects that play a key-role in the development of society. The understanding of these concerns and addressing them in the design is of utmost importance for the development of a sustainable and successful project.

AFRY employs an interdisciplinary approach combined with in-depth expertise to tailor-suited design solutions and solves our client's challenges in various geotechnical fields. Conduction of qualitative studies during an early stage of the project enables the client to influence the climate impact and cost, for example by reducing the reinforcement and management of soil and rock masses. Our competences cover the entire engineering process, from the concept to the end of service of a geotechnical structure: site investigation and characterization of materials, the various design stages until the execution, construction management and site supervision, value engineering, services as Owner’s / Lender’s / Contractor’s Engineer, life-cycle cost analysis, monitoring and maintenance planning during service life, refurbishment design. In close coordination with our clients, we develop projects from the idea to the completed project.

AFRY’s services comprise the entire geotechnical field including:

  • Geotechnical and geophysical in-situ investigations
  • Fully equipped fieldwork team for all types of assignments
  • Evaluation of geo-tests in own laboratories
  • Investigation, analysis and evaluation of geotechnical issues
  • Design of temporary and permanent geotechnical structures by FEM or simplified experience-based approaches
  • Leasing and installation of monitoring and measuring equipment for excavation pits and geotechnical structures, management and analysis of monitoring data
  • Design of tunnels and other underground structures
  • Site supervision
  • Active design in GIS environment
  • Geotechnical profiles and design drawings in CAD / BIM environment
  • Development of 3D ground models
  • Performing digital geological mapping of open cuts and tunnel faces
  • Natural hazard assessments in combination with climate change analysis
  • AI systems/ autonomous drones services
  • Geotechnical earthquake engineering
  • Embankment and tailing dams
  • Landfills and waste disposals
  • Landslide stabilitation systems


View over the city of Stockholm: buildings, water, bridges and tower cranes


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