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Developing cutting edge solutions to enable the community with Industry 4.0 demands

Enabling our clients with Artificial Intelligence with cutting edge automation and data driven solutions as well as services covering from computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning and other emerging technologies.

AI for all defines the core motive of our AI division. We want to develop a safe human-empowered AI world that enable us with the next level of automation tools and cultivates more human creativity. The AI technology has proven to be very successful when handling with unstructured data. It helps us both understand the data and get suggestions on best course of action.

This can be only reinforced by the collective intelligence supported by human-machine ecosytem. Our belief is that real value is created when humans and machines work together, rather than machines operating alone.

safety engineer

Artificial Intelligence in the energy sector: preventing accidents

On 3 September, Fredrik Hofflander will show how AI is being applied in the energy sector to prevent accidents effectively and efficiently.
Fredrik Hofflander
Section Manager, Future Technologies

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